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What Is Kratom Maeng Da?

What's Maeng Da Kratom - Kratom Exchange

Maeng Da, also referred to by MD, is often considered to be one of the most popular and potent strains of kratom. In Thai, the word Maeng means Pimp or Pimp grade, this is frowned upon by the native people. Due to its popularity, Maeng da is often used in marketing campaigns, but there’s a reason, it may be a very potent kratom strain.


Maeng Da Kratom is well known for its therapeutic and recreational purposes. Maeng da was originally found in Thailand, but now it is also available in Indonesia and Malaysia. However, the high-quality Maeng da is found in Thailand because the weather is suitable for it to thrive there.

When it comes to the most popular kratom strains here at Kratom Exchange, Maeng Da kratom is responsible for the top 3 spots. If you haven’t checked out our guide to the best kratom for you, make sure you do. We had an amazing 2021 and through all that data, we learned that Maeng Da is our top kratom for sale. Maeng Da is equally popular all over the world and it could be the best kratom strain for the specific benefits you’re looking for.

Maeng Da kratom has brand recognition, it’s well known in the kratom communities but also outside of it too. If you visit a local headshop, I can almost guarantee they have some herbs in there with the Maeng Da name. I’m not saying buy kratom from them, but just pointing out the name recognition. Vendors know the brand name sales, so you always have to be careful what kratom you’re buying.

Not all kratom is created equal. This powerful natural herb, sometimes referred to by Mitragyna Speciosa, is found in tropical regions throughout Southeast Asia where it is treated as a ceremonial drink to guest. Ancient tribes in this area have farmed kratom trees for centuries. Growing kratom is an art and tradition that has been passed down through generations and the Maeng Da kratom line is one of the few that has followed traditional growing techniques.

Kratom has always been a medical benefit to the ancient cultures that farm these lands, such as Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. In fact, kratom has many uses outside of what you may commonly hear, like pain relief and energy.


Now that you know a little more about Maeng Da’s popularity, why is everyone trying to get their hands on Maeng Da kratom? It’s really simple, Maeng Da is one of the best kratom types you can get. A lot of people refer to Maeng Da as “pure” kratom, one of the finest kratom types you can buy. Maeng Da is a local favorite and its popularity in the West shows no signs of slowing down despite major efforts from the FDA and others.

Maeng Da kratom is believed to originate from Thailand. The Maeng Da kratom tree is known for its ability to provide consistent effects during growing seasons. This is something that’s important to all of us that use it. The farmers we go through state it’s also one of the more delicate kratom plants.


As I speak on the Maeng Da group overall, one of the biggest things that stand out is just how strong this kratom is. It doesn’t matter if its white vein, red vein or green, all of them are powerful, stronger than most kratom on the market. Due to this, consumers may be able to take less kratom in their dose versus what they take for other kratom strains. It can also save you a lot of money when buying kratom because you’re not using as much for the effects you want to feel.

For those that take Maeng Da kratom, they report a number of different benefits. Some of them may be:

  • Focus
  • Alertness
  • Concentration
  • Mood Enhancing
  • Energy
  • Pain Relief
  • Less Fatigue
  • More Sociable
  • Positive Outlook


There’s 3 main Maeng Da kratom powders for you to enjoy.

  • White Maeng Da
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Green Maeng Da

It’s important to note that different Maeng Da kratom strains may produce different effects.

White Maeng Da Kratom – Users have reported this Maeng Da type may be great for energy, focus, concentration and alertness. When compared to other energetic kratom strains, white Maeng Da users report that the falling energy and fatigue is far less with it versus others. Buy White Maeng Da Kratom Here

Red Maeng Da Kratom – Users state that they love red Maeng Da because it may offer relaxing, great mood enhancing and awesome sedating effects. As like other red vein kratom strains, it’s may also be used for pain relief. Buy Red Maeng Da Kratom Here

Green Maeng Da Kratom – Users like the subtle nature of green Maeng Da. It may help give you energy and focus while also helping you become more sociable, more outgoing. Many users say it’s not as strong as white and red Maeng Da. Buy Green Maeng Da Kratom Here


Just like all kratom, Maeng Da may effect you differently than others. I want you to always be safe, so use the right judgment when taking your kratom.

For those of you that have never taken kratom, I want you to understand this is a strong kratom strain. If you’re starting with Maeng Da, just take it slow. You shouldn’t take but 1-2 grams starting out. When you take your first kratom dose, you want to make sure you give it 30-45 minutes to kick in. Most of you may feel it by then, some may not. If you don’t, only then try taking 1-2 more grams, again giving it 30-45 minutes to kick in.

By doing this, if you may experience side effects from taking kratom, they would be less versus what would happen if you took a really big dose.

In small doses, kratom may be stimulating, boosting your energy and giving you more focus. In large doses, kratom may become more sedative, more numbing, some people call it a kratom high, euphoric like, opiate-like effects.

You always have to be aware of kratom dosage


White Maeng Da was the first kratom I tried and I fell in love. At the time, I didn’t know nor understand how much it would change my life for the better, I make no secrets about it, I was in a dark place. Thanks to this awesome herbal herb, I can live life on my own terms.

While everyone has an opinion on kratom, I will always be a loud kratom advocate because it helped me, I’ve seen it help so many people.

What do you think about Maeng Da kratom? Like it? Let me know below or be sure to connect with me over on Facebook.


About Eric Rollings

An advocate and enthusiast of natural remedies, first discovered kratom nine years ago when searching for solutions to his social anxiety and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Struggling with these challenges led him to explore alternative treatments, ultimately finding comfort in the traditional Southeast Asian botanical, kratom. Since then, Eric has dedicated himself to understanding and promoting the responsible use of this herbal supplement. His personal journey has inspired him to engage with various communities, sharing his knowledge and experience, and he has become a respected figure in the field. Through seminars, writings, and active participation in online forums, Eric continues to spread awareness of kratom, hoping to assist others who face similar struggles. His passion and dedication have made him a prominent voice in the natural health community.

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