Understanding The Kratom Strains

That beautiful kratom powder you’re taking right now, what strain of kratom did it come from? Do you know your kratom strains? Why do they matter?

I’m sure it has come across your mind at some point, how many strains of kratom are there? I know I always think about it, as you likely know, kratom strains are different and pack a different kratom experience.

At first glance, it looks like there’s hundreds of different types of kratom. Seriously, have you seen all the different kratom names? I can’t remember 10 percent of them. I love all the names, it’s creative. However, when you pull back the curtain, there’s only a handful of kratom strains.

In total, there’s only 3 strains: Red Vein, Green Vein and White Vein. That’s all of them.

Sure, it’s a little disappointing to learn I guess. However, there’s a reason why there’s so many kratom names. Kratom vendors use these names to know where their kratom is coming from, which farmer it comes from and even the different regions. It helps us keep track. If we didn’t have this system in place, it would be hectic to say the least.

A lot of kratom users want to know how their favorite kratom strain is made, or how they get white powder kratom, even yellow colors.

Users report kratom has a lot of benefits, those benefits depend on the kratom strains you’re taking. It may also depend on how you’re using kratom too.


Now, there’s a wide range of comments surrounding how you get your kratom powder colors. Red vein is often said to be from a specific geographical location. Green vein is often said to be grown in the wild. White vein, it has a lot of suggestions, such as light, grown in water, ect. While they sound logical, it’s not how you get your specific kratom color.

The color of your kratom powder has nothing to do with its original origins.

Now, most kratom actually originates from red vein kratoms. That means your favorite green vein and white vein kratoms likely originate from a red vein.

The way kratom leaves are dried influences the color of your kratom powder. For example, drying kratom indoors versus outdoors has a big influence on the color you will get. There’s other factors too, such as the light source used to dry the kratom, some are dried not using any light source at all.

You may be asking, what about yellow kratom? What about yellow vein? Yellow kratom usually comes from a red/green mix or white/green mix that has been fermented.

While most kratom comes from red vein, there really is green vein kratom and white vein kratom. These are just a lot harder to find and get, but they do indeed exist.

Hopefully that will help you understand how kratom colors work.


Personally, I love red vein kratom and I know our customers love red vein too. Red vein kratom is one of the best kratoms to buy. Most red vein comes from Southeast Asia regions.

What makes red vein kratom unique is its ability to grow in some tough environments. It’s another reason I feel personally connected to red kratom powder, it’s certainly a survivor and so am I. A lot of kratom users feel that same personal connection.

Plus, it’s an awesome kratom experience!


What are the best red kratom to buy?


What are the best green kratom powders?

A lot of kratom users refer to green kratom as a balanced kratom between red and white.

However, green kratoms are quite powerful. There’s several green powders I personally recommend.

Here’s a little trick you can try.

Remember, each kratom leaf is different, even if it has the same color. We talk about kratom alkaloids all the time. I like mixing my greens together, trying a combination of different green powders. If you’re a big fan of green kratom, give it a try!


Finally, we have the awesome white kratom powders. White vein is on the other end of the spectrum versus that of red vein.

Kratom users that love white vein kratom are those that understand the kratom experience white vein beings. I know some users that swear by it and we sell a fair amount of white kratom powder.

Here’s several awesome white kratom powders we sell.


Finally, we have yellow kratom powder.

Yellow kratom is for a select group of users. While you don’t see them a lot, I’m a big fan of yellow kratom, especially yellow sumatra.

Here’s the yellow kratom we recommend.


While it appears that there’s a ton of kratom strains out there, there’s only 3. While there’s a ton of different kratom names, you now know it all boils down to red vein, green vein and white vein.

Now that you know all about the different strains of kratom, which ones will you try?

Have a question about a particular strain? Feel free to reach out, we’re here to answer all of your kratom questions.

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