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Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder


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Red Maeng Da is a strong red with great relaxing and euphoric properties. Strong euphoria, relaxing and a sense of well being. Another great strain.

Product Description

Red Maeng Da is a strong red strain with great relaxing, mood-enhancing, and euphoric properties. Strong euphoria and relaxation provide a sense of well-being. Red vein Maeng Da Kratom has a high alkaloid count, which could be great for pain relief. Being known as one of the strongest kinds of Kratom in existence, all credit goes to its unique and complex blend of alkaloids. For this prominent strain of Mitragyna speciosa, we bring a red-vein powder made from freshly handpicked kratom leaves. We ensure purity in our products as kratom leaves are dried and powdered using techniques that maximize the natural alkaloids.

Maeng Da Red Kratom originally originated in the wild area of Thailand, but now, it is grown in different areas. There is a featured network of red veins on the backside of the leaves. Red vein leaves have the highest concentrations of alkaloids. It also has a long track record of success from locals who have used it for centuries to treat several ailments. They also use Red Vein Maeng Da as a festive drink for different celebrations. These days, it is popularly known for its powerful effects and potential as an energy booster, mood enhancer, and pain reliever.

If you are new to Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder, starting with white and green vein kratom is recommended as it might help your body develop tolerance. Though you might not get desired effects, if you really wish to enjoy the benefits of this herb for the longer run, you should start with the low potent strains and later shift to consuming a more potent strain, i.e., Maeng Da Red Kratom. Apart from providing pain relief, mood alleviation, and energy boost, the red strain may also help you reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. It may also help in improving brain power by boosting your cognitive ability.

Red Vein.

Sourced from ripened leaves on age-old trees.

Pure & Unadulterated Kratom.

Organically grown.

Clinically tested for purity.

Additional Information


28g (1 ounce), 56g (2 ounces), 112g (4 ounces), 224g (8 ounces), 500g (1/2 kilo), 1000 grams 1 Kilo

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