If you’ve never took kratom before, you’re likely wondering what does kratom feel like? Can kratom help my pain? Can kratom help my anxiety? I’m sure you have a lot of questions and we’re going to do our best to answer all of them.

Many users have experienced a lot of different effects with kratom and take it for a number of reasons. Kratom, also known by Mitragyna Speciosa, has scientifically been proven to help with pain relief, stress and several other conditions. While studies are few and far in between, thousands of kratom users have published their own accounts taking kratom.

In this guide, we’re going to explore how kratom makes you feel, how kratom strains differ and everything in between.


The first thing you need to learn about kratom is the fact that different kratom strains may produce different effects.

If you’re looking for a specific type of effect, you need to make sure you know what types of kratom strains produce that effect.

While there’s only 3 main kratom strains, there’s hundreds of different kratom powders. While some kratom vendors tend to stick with recognized names, others are more creative when naming their kratom powders.

Due to this, you need to make sure you’re aware of how kratom powders differ and how they can produce different effects.


Now that you know there’s 3 main kratom types that are used to produce many types of kratom powders, you need to become familiar with these 3 and how each produces different effects.

The 3 main types of kratom are;

Red Vein – Red vein kratom is often the most potent of kratom strains. Due to this, it could be great for pain relief and sedative effects.

White Vein – White vein kratom is known to be more “energetic” than the other two types. White kratom is a popular choice among entrepreneurs and students since it may show effects that help with focus, concentration, and alertness.

Green Vein – Green kratom is tranquil, a solid medium between red and white kratom.


One more thing I want you to understand about kratom is that the effects it gives you can be dependent on the amount of kratom you take.

In low doses, kratom might act like a stimulant. After all, kratom is a part of the coffee family.

In higher doses, kratom may have sedative effects.

While a majority of kratom users abide by this, it’s important to know you may react to kratom differently. (We’ll talk about dosing kratom shortly.)


With the ever growing popularity of kratom increasing as more people become familiar with the plant, we’re finding men and women using kratom for a variety of different purposes. Through these experiences and what we know from scientific research, kratom may be able to help with many things.

Now that you know what effects red vein, white vein and green vein are known for, you can start inching closer to a kratom powder that may be able to help you.

With that in mind, the direct you choose to go will depend on what effects you’re looking for.

Next, we’ll begin explaining specific kratom powders and what effects you may feel using that type of kratom.


There are a number of different kratom strains that are “popular,” and well known for the specific effects they give.

Let’s take a look at the most popular strains and the effects each is known for.

Bali Kratom – Just as the name suggest, Bali kratom originates from Bali, Indonesia. Bali is a favorite for those who use kratom for pain relief and chronic pain. Kratom users have been vocal about how Bali may prove great for stress and anxiety.

Maeng Da Kratom – Another popular strain and a favorite here at Kratom Exchange is Maeng Da. Maeng Da might be one of the most potent kratom strains available. Maeng Da kratom could be one of the best strains for fighting pain. Maeng Da users have also found that consuming it may help treat fibromyalgia or CFS (chromic fatigue syndrome)

Indo Kratom – Another specific strain that is at the top of the ‘most popular kratom” list is Indo kratom. Indo kratom is known to have effects that might boost your mood and is often chosen for its relaxing effects.


By now, you should have a good general idea of what kratom strains would be right for you to try.

Now, you’re ready to buy kratom, but where do you start?

Let me be fair, Kratom Exchange is a kratom vendor. We’re 1 of 1,000+ vendors you can buy kratom from. While I feel like we’re one of the top 5 best kratom vendors based on price, quality and consistency, I’d rather educate you on buying kratom versus telling you why we’re so great. (Even though we are!)

I want your first kratom experience to be a great one because I’m passionate about helping others. Kratom saved my life, I’ve never felt this good. I want it to help you.

Here’s the problem, kratom is not created equal. You can buy the same type of kratom from 3 vendors and you can get 3 different experiences. Furthermore, some vendors and sellers cut their kratom to increase their profits, so you’re basically buying dirt kratom. That’s not cool. WE WOULD NEVER DO THAT!

You have to be careful where you buy your kratom.

If you have any questions about buying kratom, you’re always more than welcome to reach out to us via email or telephone.


This is a tough question to answer and the reason why is because all of us our different.

Some of you will be able to take 1-2 grams of kratom and you’re going to feel the effects. However, others may take 1-2 grams and barely feel anything. In this case, they may need more kratom to get the desired effects.

The only one that can figure out how much you should take is you by slowly experimenting with it.

This is what I tell everyone that’s new to kratom about dosing.

Always start with a low dose, that’s usually 1-2 grams, and take it how you prefer to take it. You want to wait 30-45 minutes and analyze how you feel afterward. If you feel nothing, try taking another 1-2 grams and see how that does. If you’ve never taken kratom before, you don’t know exactly how your body will react. With a small dose to start, you’re being as safe as you can be.

Here’s a few more kratom dosage tips.


Your safety is a priority and this is why I do my best to educate all of our customers and those that come here to do research.

I’ve been taking kratom for years, I know friends that have been taking kratom for 10+ years. Kratom has never caused them or myself any problems.

The FDA and DEA has been raging war on kratom for years. Over the years, they’ve been stepping on their own toes. Check this report, this was about so-called kratom deaths.

The FDA wants kratom banned. They releases a report stating kratom has killed 46 people. That’s not true though, let me prove it.

What we discovered is that out of all the deaths that kratom was labeled to cause, all of them was because kratom was used with controlled substances.

There’s not 1 single death where kratom has been the sole cause.

We never recommend taking kratom with drugs. NEVER

While you can come to your own judgement, since kratom has been used for centuries, I feel it’s pretty safe.


Can you become addicted to kratom?

Addiction is always a concern, we can get addicted to a lot of different things, eating junk food, eating fatty foods, smoking, drinking, drugs, porn, watching The Walking Dead. In all seriousness, addiction is a fair concern.

Can you become dependent on kratom? That’s always a possibility if you take kratom daily. However, it all depends on you as everyone is different. I’ve been taking kratom for years. Despite that, I only take 2-3 grams a day. While it’s a part of my morning regime, I do not allow it to control me in anyway.

My advice to you: be responsible with it. I don’t know why you’re taking kratom, it could be for recreational uses and that’s fine. If so, you may be better suited taking kratom once a week, twice a week.



The good news, kratom is legal in most U.S. states. You can check your state’s kratom legal status here.

Thanks to the efforts of the Kratom Association and kratom advocates, kratom remains legal and thriving.

The reason I started Kratom Exchange is because kratom saved my life, it has allowed me to grow and thrive.

If you’ve read my story, you would have learned that I was in a dark place. A very dark place and I had no way out. I was fortunate to have a friend that introduced me to kratom and everything changed.

This is why I’m so passionate about it.


I wish I answer this, but everyone is going to have a different experience.

Knowing what you now know, you should have a much better experience knowing how kratom can make you feel.

The good news, kratom is helping a LOT of men and women from around the world!

You can find kratom success stories on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook groups, it’s a life changing plant.

I know personally how it feels to be in pain, to be depressed, to feel like there’s no way out. I’ve been there.

I’m blessed to be on this journey and I hope today is a changing point for you too.

We always keep an open line of communication, you’re always welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions.


I hope you’ve found this guide helpful and useful.

I hope it has answered many of the questions you have about kratom.

Do you want to share your kratom experience with the community? If so, let us know below. Leave a comment!


About Erick

An advocate and enthusiast of natural remedies, first discovered kratom nine years ago when searching for solutions for lack of focus and desire to withdraw from communicating with others in social situations. Struggling with various challenges led him to explore alternative treatments, ultimately finding comfort in the traditional Southeast Asian botanical, kratom. Since then, Eric has dedicated himself to understanding and promoting the responsible use of this herbal supplement. His personal journey has inspired him to engage with various communities, sharing his knowledge and experience, and he has become a respected figure in the field. Through seminars, writings, and active participation in online forums, Eric continues to spread awareness of kratom, hoping to assist others who face similar struggles. His passion and dedication have made him a prominent voice in the natural health community.

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  2. Chuck says:

    Thanks for the kratom guide Eric. I’ve only been taking kratom for a few weeks, this was super helpful. Appreciate all your team does at Kratom Exchange. Life changing!

  3. Alyssia says:

    I have gotten out of an abusive relationship I kicked methadone but took up drinking because at the time I was depressed. Antidepressants wouldn’t work I’d drown myself never letting myself get sober. I went through alcohol detox then went back to the same situation. I felt great at the hospital completely sober but going home it happened the depression creeped back onto me. I’ve been meaning to try kratom as I knew it could help me detox but I never did. I also had no idea what kind of effect it would have on my depression and anxiety. I decided to give it a try red maeng da had an amazing effect I couldn’t believe how happy I was. It gave me the courage to reach out to family and make a plan to get my son and I out of there. Red maeng tended to give me a headache no matter the dose so I tried white instead. I have been living with my son’s and parents since Easter completely happy I’m back to my old self completely sober working and moving forward. I’m able to deal with the stress of court and being put into situations still having to see him in court but with the kratom morning and night I don’t feel weak and helpless. I feel like I can take the stress without being on harmful drugs. My back pain being non existent is just a plus. Being happy thriving able to sleep eat take care of and be happy for my children is a blessing. I’ll be sticking with the white strain it has given me the best effect form what I need. I will definitely be thinking about buying my kratom from here from now on they have given me so much in terms of knowledge to help me understand this beautiful plant.

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