Kratom High: What’s The Best Strains For Euphoria?

When I discuss a “kratom high,” it’s difficult to write about because this is how the DEA and FDA “labels” kratom. If you want to call it a “high,” by all means do so, but you can’t dip into the topic without bringing up the politics of kratom: why the FDA wants to ban.

Remember, kratom is 100 percent natural. It’s not chemically manufactured. While kratom is not an opiate, the effects of kratom are similar as opiates because kratom reacts to your opioid receptors. This is what gives you the kratom high you’re curious about.

I usually don’t discuss the high because I focus on the many benefits of kratom, how it can help you with chronic pain, anxiety, stress and much more.

With that being said, kratom is used recreational and many people enjoy how it makes them feel.

For those of our audience that do use it recreational, I’m sure you have questions about how kratom can make you feel. For others, kratom may just be an idea at this point and you’re doing your research to learn if it’s an option. Either way, we always welcome you!

Let’s get to it.

Does Kratom Get You High?

What most people are wondering, “does kratom get you high?”

The answer would be yes, but you need to understand how different kratom strains effect you.

There’s a wide range of different kratom powders you can take and each one can effect how you feel on kratom differently.

It also depends on how much kratom you take.

For example, in smaller doses, kratom often reacts as a stimulant. A lot of kratom users report it feels like you’ve drunk a supercharged coffee. When you take a mid-level dose, the effects become more like a euphoria feeling.

With higher doses, kratom can have opiate-like effects on you.

What Are The Best Kratom Strains For An Opiate-Like High

If you’re after that euphoria feeling, that opiate-like rush, there’s specific strains that can help you feel that.

Let’s take a look at the best strains for an opiate high.

White Maeng Da

There’s no question, white Maeng Da is likely the best kratom for an opiate-like high.

It has a high alkaloid count, producing long-lasting effects of euphoria, energy and enthusiasm.

You can only achieve that in mid-level or high doses, 5 grams at once or more. The higher the dose, the stronger that euphoria is going to be.

The same can be true about green Maeng Da in higher doses.

If you’re new to kratom, you should NEVER start with a high dose.

Green Malay

Another powerful kratom that can give you an opiate-like high is green Malay kratom.

With green Malay, the effects are more subtle, not as “potent” as white Maeng Da. It’s not an overwhelming feeling like you can get with Maeng Da kratom.

Even at higher doses, green Malay is not as stimulating versus Maeng Da.

Again, if you’re new to kratom or you don’t know your tolerance, take small doses. Until you know how kratom will effect you, taking large doses can be harmful.

White Bali

If you like that euphoric rush, white Bali may be the strain to go with.

White Bali is known for its energetic, adrenaline and euphoria rush properties.

In larger doses, it can produce an opiate-like effect.

But I’ll say it again, if you’re just starting to use kratom, don’t rush into the larger doses.

What About Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal?

Most of you searching for a kratom that has opiate-like effects is because you’ve been taking opiates.

Perhaps you’re wondering if kratom is legal or is kratom can help you with withdrawal.

The answer to both is yes, it may be able to help.

Kratom is a lot cheaper than opiates, which is why a lot of people buy kratom.

While opiate users want to replace the high, we also understand your want to escape opiate addiction or to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms of opiates.

Red Vein Kratom

Out of all the different kratom strains, it’s usually red vein kratom that are recommended for opiate withdrawal.

As I said earlier, kratom interdicts with your opioid receptors, which is why it can mimic opiate-like feelings.

Since red strains are great for relieving pain, many people addicted to morphine, heroin and pain pills turn to kratom for relief.

What’s The Best Red Strains For Opiate Withdrawal?

Since we know red vein kratom is the best strains for opiate withdrawal, which strains are the best?

Red Maeng Da

Packing a heavy alkaloid content, red Maeng Da is one of the best kratom strains for opiate withdrawal.

This strain is good for being as ease, relaxation but having some energy to work with.

A mid-level dose can get you right.

The one thing to keep in mind is your withdrawal itself as you will likely already be feeling bad. It can be tough to take kratom when you’re in the middle of opiate withdrawal.

If you have trouble with the taste, you may want to consider using kratom capsules or brewing a kratom tea.

Red Bali Kratom

One more red strain I want to mention is red Bali kratom.

Red Bali is another great red strain to use for opiate withdrawal.

It has opiate-like effects, pain relief but with a little sedative effects at a mid-level dose.

Again, easy does it for those of you that are new to kratom or unaware how kratom may effect you.

How To Potentiate Your Kratom

Is it possible to make kratom more potent?

The answer would be yes, there’s many ways you can do this.

Check out our guide: How To Potentiate Your Kratom

In Closing

I love the fact that you’re doing your research, which is why we’re all about education here at Kratom Exchange. Good for you!

Kratom effects everyone differently, so it’s important you’re aware how certain kratom strains can make you feel.

Today, you learned about the different strains and doses that produce opiate-like effects.

If you ever have any questions, we’re always here to answer them.

If you want to learn more about our different kratom powders and our top 10 list of best kratom for 2019, check out our new kratom guide.

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