What’s Indo Kratom And What Effects Does It Give?

Anytime you’re discussing the best kratom strains to take, Indo kratom is usually a part of the conversation. Indo kratom strains have been a favorite among kratom users for a long time.

As the name suggest, Indo kratom originates from Indonesia. Kratom farmers in Indonesia have been growing kratom for centuries. When it comes to mastering premium, high quality kratom, these farmers have it figured it out.

Since harvesting and drying out kratom plays a big role on the quality of powder you get, one of the reasons Indo kratom is so popular is because Indonesian farmers have mastered this process. For the most part, Indo kratom is among the strongest kratom you can buy.

Why Is Indo Kratom So Popular?

While I touched on harvesting, drying and farmers as “reasons” why Indo is so popular, there’s a few more reasons behind its popularity.

Indo kratom has a high 7-OH-mitragynine count, much more than other kratom strains. It’s also unique because it has less mitragynine than other strains, which allows it to give users specific effects, which we’ll discuss in just a second.

Indo also has brand recognition, it’s a term that’s used for many things. Indo kratom has that star quality and I’m sure it plays a role in when users are choosing a kratom strain to try.

What Effects Is Indo Known For?

Since Indo kratom has elevated 7-OH-mitragynine and less mitragynine, Indo kratom can give users a boost in mood and give you relaxing effects. It can also be used for pain relief, stress relief and some with depression have found it to be helpful.

When you compare Indo to other strains, Indo is not as stimulating as some other types of kratom.

From there, Indo kratom effects are going to be dependent on what type of Indo kratom you take.

Let’s look at the different types of Indo kratom.

Red Vein Indo

The most popular Indo kratom is red vein.

Red Indo kratom, sometimes referred to by Super Red, can give you sedative effects, that’s one thing you want to be aware of.

Red vein Indo is known to be a great mood enhancer. Since it has sedative effects, some users with anxiety and sleep problems use it for those purposes.

Like most other red vein kratom strains, red Indo can also be used to relieve pain. In fact, users have reported that red Indo last longer as a pain reliever than a lot of other kratom strains.

Red Indo is also good for those of you that have muscle soreness or injuries, such as a pulled muscle. This is because Indo can help you muscles relax.

You can buy red vein Indo here.

White Vein Indo

While Indo kratom, also called Super White, is not known for stimulating effects, white vein Indo is the most stimulating of Indo strains.

For users that want a boost of energy with pain relief, this would be a good strain of Indo to try.

You can buy white vein Indo here.

Green Vein Indo

Green vein Indo, also known by Super Green or Super Indo, has pain relieving and relaxing effects. Some people label the feeling as “tranquil” and “at peace.”

Although it’s not as strong as red vein Indo, it still has pain relieving and sedative effects.

You can buy green vein Indo here.

How Much Indo Kratom Should I Dose?

Remember the general rule of thumb with dosing kratom: everyone is different and feels different effects taking kratom. The only way to find out what your Indo dose should be is trying it yourself.

With that said, here’s what you should know about dosing Indo kratom.

Due to Indo’s chemical makeup, it can still have sedative effects at low doses. Be aware of that.

For those of you taking kratom for the first time, we always recommend starting out slow. You can take an Indo dose of 1-2 grams and wait for 30-45 minutes. Afterward, see how you feel. If you haven’t felt the desired results you want, try taking 1-2 more grams and wait again for 30-45 minutes to see how you feel.

If you’ve already been taking kratom, you don’t need any advice on dosing, you already know your “perfect” level.

Just make sure you’re aware of how Indo can make you feel.

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