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When I first learned about Kratom, I was really excited. I had struggled with ADD and anxiety for over 20 years. When I finally went to the doctor, he put me on Ritalin to help me focus. Xanax to fight anxiety and Ambien to help me sleep. This may sound great to some, but for me it was the beginning of a nightmare.

My hormones were out of control. I was edgy at times and didn’t care at other times. I lost my ability to “feel”. It was horrible. A friend told me about kratom and how it had helped him break a pain pill addiction. He said that some strains were also good for focus and may help relieve anxiety. So I found a local shop that sold Kratom. I bought 5 grams for $5. I took half of it and in about 20 minutes I began to feel “something”. The effects seemed to increase over the next 40 minutes or so.

I felt “focused”. Kratom didn’t seem to help with my anxiety though. So I went online and read as much as I could find for several days. I learned that a green strain may be better for what I was looking for and it was! The green strain gave me a little less energy, but it also helped my anxiety. By digging around online I also learned that $5 for 5 grams was a bit steep.

I found a few sites that had reasonable prices and I ordered. The first order was good. The Kratom seemed to be better than what I was buying from the local shop. I had found my answer. After a few weeks, I reordered. The next order wasn’t as good as the first. It didn’t work as well as the first and I had to take more to get the results I was looking for. (I’m all about taking as little as possible to get the desired effect.)

So I researched and learned that there were a few things that farmers could do to produce a higher quality of Kratom on a consistent basis. My first thought was “there’s a marlet for this because I’m sure a lot of people have ran into the same situation”. I was on a mission to find farmers that help these higher standards. After going through several, I found my team and Smart Kratom was born.

Smart Kratom is grown using natural fertilizers Once harvested, it’s dried in covered barns to protect the alkaloids from direct sunlight. A high alkaloid profile ensures you get potent kratom on a consistent basis.

Another issue was that some vendors let their Kratom sit for a long time. Kratom will stay potent for several months if stored in a dry airtight container away from direct sunlight, but I knew that offering fresh kratom would also be a huge benefit.

We at Smart Kratom rotate our stock every 30 days to make sure you get fresh kratom. Once kratom reaches 25 days in stock, we give it away for free. We send free samples with orders over $15, ranging from 10 – 112 grams, depending on the size of your order.

This practice of delivering high quality, fresh kratom was a recipe for success. Besides…who doesn’t like free kratom?

Instead of paying high prices a local shops for sub par Kratom, checkout our Kratom. You’ll be glad you did.

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