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How People See Kratom On Reddit?

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Originating from Southeast Asia, Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is not your average plant. It’s been used for centuries, traditionally by chewing its leaves or brewing them into a tea, believed to help with everything from fatigue to inflammation and mental alertness.

Fast forward to today, and it has spread globally by street names of ‘thom’, ‘thang’, ‘ketum’, ‘kakuam’, and ‘biak. Some people swear by it for relief from various ailments, while others are a bit more skeptical about addiction potential. 

So, it’s interesting to see Kratom through the eyes of the diverse global population. Reddit is an online forum and is known for its global audience and unfiltered discussions.  So, I am researching everything there is about Kratom on Reddit and summarizing this article so you don’t have to read all those discussions to get people’s perspectives about Kratom.


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Kratom On Reddit: What People Know About It

Historically, Kratom was a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. Laborers chewed the leaves for energy, much like you’d sip a morning coffee. Others used it as a remedy for various ailments or as a means of relaxation after a long day. The leaves contain compounds called mitragynine and 7-α-hydroxy mitragynine. 

These days Kratom has taken on new forms. No longer just chewed, it’s often dried and powdered, packed into capsules, or brewed into teas. Some even use more potent extracts. 

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Kratom’s effects vary greatly from person to person, and it’s not without its controversies, especially concerning legality and health effects. However, one thing is for sure: Kratom has sparked a global conversation, capturing the interest of everyone from medical researchers to everyday folks seeking alternative remedies.

Real-Life Stories – Kratom Reviews On Reddit

The real-life stories of Kratom users tell you how this herbal supplement is affecting the human population in different yet amazing ways.

Like your curious being, a Reddit user, overheard someone ordering Kratom at a coffee shop. Intrigued by its popularity and mixed reviews online, he asked people about their opinion on its use and effects (the exact thing we were looking for).

This comment highlights the varied effects Kratom can have on different individuals. Another Redditor, a long-time user, stressed the importance of respecting the plant, suggesting moderation so you get to feel the effect, calling out loud, “Less is best.”

The Controversy Of Safety And Addiction

A comment from a user highlighted the divide in opinions: “Everyone who says it’s safe is an idiot. Stay away.” This clearly shows that people have mixed beliefs about the nature and effectiveness of Kratom within the global community.

Is It A Drug Or Plant?

A person there also turned the conversation towards the nature of Kratom itself. One user argued that Kratom is not a drug about which people are so unsure. It’s a herb like all the others, a “biology thing” not a laboratory chemical we often term as a drug. 

This shows how people these days are embracing nature and let themselves be surprised by the amazing benefits they can feel from its consumption! 

Comparisons And Alternatives

In a humorous twist, one user compared coffee to crack, eliciting a variety of responses and comparisons between Kratom, coffee, and other substances. These lighter exchanges reveal the range of analogies and humor often found in Reddit discussions.

Personal Rules And Guidelines

A user shared their approach to using Kratom responsibly, such as limiting consumption and avoiding consecutive days of use. This highlights how people are using this natural supplement responsibly to mitigate potential risks.

Kratom In Daily Life: How People Are Using It

After that, I dived into how people are using Kratom and discovered many amazing personal experiences, tips, and sometimes, their unique ways of incorporating Kratom into daily routines. 

One Reddit user expressed their struggle with the taste of Kratom capsules, seeking advice on better consumption methods. The responses were varied, showing the diverse ways people have adapted Kratom to fit their lives. 

Kratom Smoothies Or Fizzy Drinks

A common suggestion was mixing Kratom with liquids to mask its flavor. One user recommended a simple solution: mixing the powder with a small amount of water or Gatorade and drinking it quickly. This method minimizes taste and preparation time, offering a straightforward approach.

Another Redditor warned against mixing Kratom with soda, noting that it could lead to unpleasant experiences. Instead, they suggested combining a small amount of Kratom with a shot of liquor for those with a more resilient stomach.

Several users recommended blending Kratom with juice, particularly orange juice, to mask the taste. One suggested using a blender cup for a smoother mix. This method seems popular for its effectiveness in hiding Kratom’s bitter flavor. The acidity in orange juice not only helps with the taste but might also aid in the extraction of active compounds from the kratom powder, enhancing the effects.

Tea Time With Kratom

A more refined approach comes from those who brew Kratom-like tea. One user described their method of brewing Kratom in hot water with stevia or sugar for about 20 minutes, ensuring to mix it before each sip. This process was noted for reducing nausea and providing a quicker onset of effects. The addition of sweeteners helps to balance the bitterness, making it a more palatable experience.

Capsule Solutions

For those who can’t get past the taste, making their own Kratom capsules was a game-changer. A user shared their technique of using a capsule machine to fill empty capsules with powdered Kratom. This method offers control over dosage and avoids the taste issue entirely. It’s a bit more work upfront but seems to be a preferred method for regular users.

Hot Beverages and Hydration Tips

Some users have found success by mixing Kratom with hot beverages. A suggestion was to mix Kratom with a hot cup of water, then chase it down with a preferred drink. This method is quick and effective, though some users still find the taste challenging. Another user emphasized the importance of hydration, particularly when using Kratom, as it can lead to dehydration similar to alcohol.

Kratom ‘Kool-Aid’ and Other Creative Mixes

In a unique twist, one Redditor described making ‘Kratom Kool-Aid’ by soaking the powder in water and vigorously stirring it before consuming. This method, while a bit gritty, was said to provide quick effects and was less dehydrating than taking the powder directly. Another suggested mixing Kratom with a health drink like Ensure, noting that its thickness and strong flavor effectively

Best Place to Buy Kratom Reddit

Below is a summarized table of the best Kratom vendors based on Reddit discussions, focusing on quality, price, shipping, and customer service. The vendors are rated using a 5-star system, with 5 stars being the highest recommendation:

RatingVendor NameKey Highlights
5/5Kratom ExchangeBest quality-to-price ratio, free next-day shipping, excellent packaging.
5/5Happy Hippo HerbalsHigh-quality and diverse products, though slightly expensive.
4/5Mitra Mike KratomGood product knowledge, fair pricing, quick shipping.
4/5MitraMan BotanicalsHigh-quality and potent Kratom, limited product selection.
4/5Gulf Coast KratomPotent green and red strains, but limited variety.
3/5Mystic Island KratomDecent quality, affordable prices, mainly for green strains.
3/5Club 13 KratomGood product knowledge, fair pricing, and quick shipping.
3/5Earth KratomGood quality, issues with shipping and pricing.
2/5Herbal RVAUnbeatable prices, but quality and consistency issues.
2/5Botanical BunnyLow prices, poor quality.
2/5I Am ShamanOverpriced, challenging website, disappointing quality.
2/5Delta Extracts KratomFair pricing but inconsistent quality.
1/5Blue MagicPoor quality and potency, delayed shipping.
1/5Glazba BotanicalsNoted for impure Kratom and quality decline.

Reddit Kratom Culture: Societal Views And Legal Perspectives 

People’s conversations on Reddit reflect a broader societal and legal struggle surrounding this plant. Kratom’s journey from a relatively unknown herb to a significant subject of legal and cultural debate mirrors the complexities of drug policy and public health in the United States.

Societal Views

Kratom’s rise in popularity has been met with mixed reactions. On the other hand, concerns about its safety, potential for abuse, and lack of regulation have led to skepticism and calls for stricter controls. 

Legal Differences And Cultural Shifts

The legal ground for Kratom is quite complex. While Kratom is not regulated by FDA, it’s generally legal in the US. But the turning point is, that this natural supplement is illegal in many states in the US too such as Alabama,  Rhode Island, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Vermont, etc.  The same is the case with global perspectives.

Discussions on Reddit often highlight notable legal battles, such as attempts by the DEA to classify Kratom as a Schedule I substance, which would categorize it alongside drugs like heroin and LSD. 

Such moves have been met with strong opposition from the Kratom community, who argue that this classification is not only unfounded but also detrimental to those who use the herb for therapeutic purposes.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) is another focal point of discussion. This legislation, proposed in several states, aims to regulate Kratom sales and ensure product safety. While some Reddit users view this as a positive step towards legitimizing Kratom, others worry about the potential for overregulation or misinterpretation of the plant’s uses and effects.

In recent years, there has been a cultural shift in how Kratom is perceived, partially driven by increasing public awareness and advocacy efforts. Online communities, including Reddit, have played a significant role in educating people about Kratom, sharing research, and organizing grassroots movements to influence policy. The narrative has gradually shifted from viewing Kratom solely as a recreational substance to recognizing its potential therapeutic benefits.

Current Challenges

Despite these efforts, challenges remain. There is still a lack of comprehensive scientific research on Kratom, contributing to its controversial status. The FDA’s stance on Kratom has been particularly scrutinized on Reddit, with users expressing frustration over perceived biases and the influence of pharmaceutical interests.

The potential scheduling of Kratom by the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently become a hot topic. Many Reddit users feel that this could lead to international pressure to restrict or ban Kratom, echoing concerns about overregulation and the impact on those who rely on it for health reasons. The WHO’s consideration has mobilized the Kratom community, leading to campaigns for public comments and advocacy, as highlighted in numerous Reddit threads.


Kratom, a natural substance discussed extensively on Reddit, illustrates a complex picture in modern society. This difference of opinion highlights Kratom’s potential benefits and risks, stirring debates among users, healthcare professionals, and regulatory bodies. 

Legal challenges and societal views on Kratom are evolving. The substance faces scrutiny from authorities like the FDA, with debates centered around its safety and classification. 

On Reddit, there’s a sense of community among Kratom users, many advocating for its legal status and sharing personal stories of how it’s impacted their lives. However, the community also acknowledges the need for responsible use and balanced information.


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About Asad Khan

Asad Khan is a Health Journalist and specializes in Science, Healthcare, and Environment from the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany. He has experience of several years in writing especially on Cannabis, CBD, Kratom and other natural health supplements. As an author, Asad developed strong reporting skills and develop good stories related to mental illness, health disparities & health care. He has the passion for speaking about marijuana and other natural plants that are famous nowadays for their therapeutic effects.

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