As Kratom, a native plant from Southeast Asia, emerges and gains popularity, many people, especially in the US, find themselves curious as to what it has to offer. They are worried about the legality of kratom and mostly hold incorrect convictions.

It is fast gaining popularity for its potential therapeutic properties but its legality is still controversial in many states.

If you are one of these worried folks and hail from Colorado, read on, and don’t let your lack of clarity be the reason you miss out on what Kratom has to offer.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a botanical that is derived from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. It has been capturing the attention of users worldwide for its many properties. It is found in countries of Southeast Asia like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar. Kratom’s leaves, when ingested, have been known to act as both a stimulant and a sedative.

The active compounds within Kratom are called alkaloids. These unique chemicals interact with the brain’s receptors. This way, they influence the consumer’s mood, discomfort perception, and energy levels. When it is taken In lower doses, Kratom acts as a stimulant and gives a boost of energy. However, when kratom is taken in higher doses, it has sedative properties and so can provide relief from discomfort.

Kratom is a favorite among people who are looking for alternative wellness options. It can be consumed in the form of tea, in capsule form, or even chewed in its natural leaf form. 

Is It Possible To Buy Kratom In Colorado?

As per the latest information, it is permissible to buy and sell this herbal plant in the state of Colorado. However, before getting involved in Kratom transactions, due to scrutiny and raised questions about the product’s effectiveness, it would be wise to double-check and make certain that there are no changes in its legality.

The American Kratom Association has stated, however, that the rules set in place in Colorado are one of the most arduous in the country and will hinder Kratom’s business. Kratom guidelines increase the price of kratom through synthetic means, making it difficult for vendors to acquire the product.

At least 280 stores around the state market kratom, reaching large audiences, and the majority of the 4000 tobacco retailers sell kratom as well. This, however,  is not allowed in all cities of Colorado.

Authorities in Parker, situated in central Colorado, have completely banned the sale of the plant. Following suit were the authorities from the neighboring city, Monument, banning any sale of kratom as well. The state capital, Denver, on the other hand, has slightly less extreme rules in place, requiring all kratom products to have a label on them warning customers about the potential risks involved in using them.

Another city in the state, Castle Rock, has restricted the sale of kratom plants and kratom products to only people above the age of 21 in hopes of keeping it away from youngsters and teenagers who are more at risk of substance abuse.


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What Does The Law Say About Kratom In Colorado?

The SB23-147 bill that is to be effective from the first of July 2024 talks about Kratom in the state of Colorado. Sponsored by Senator Tom Sullivan and Senator Joann Ginal, the bill introduces four main points about its sale.

  • The bill creates minimum regulations and points out all labeling requirements on kratom products.
  • The bill also demands that retailers register the kratom product they intend to sell with the Department of Revenue and provide all legal paperwork before selling it in the market.
  • It is stated in the bill that the Revenue Department must also be notified in case there is any “adverse report” submitted to the FDA.
  • It also gives the Department the right to test the Kratom products being sold in the market using a third-party laboratory and make the processor bear the costs of the tests.

Failure to follow any of the instructions the bill has in it will result in hefty fines.

What Does The Future Hold For Kratom In Colorado?

With the FDA (Food and Drugs Authority) having already managed to ban the product in six states and impose strict guidelines in nine others, it is now breathing down the Kratom association’s neck to do the same in other states.

The future of kratom’s legal status in Colorado, thus, is uncertain, to say the least. The FDA is out and about alerting consumers about the risks involved in consuming such a product, such as overdose and addiction.

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The kratom loyalists, along with the association, hit back with a set of their claims, citing studies that claim that kratom is an alternative herb to opioids, helping in discomfort relief. They also state its other benefits, such as mood alleviation and a substitute for tea as a relaxant.

This debate goes on without a decisive conclusion so far.


To conclude, even though at the moment it is legal to purchase and consume kratom in many of the cities in the state of Colorado, there is a substantial debate going on about its legality. It is thus imperative that you review the laws before making any purchase or sale to stay clear of any sticky situation.


Is It Legal To Import Kratom In The US?

The FDA has issued a series of import alerts. The most recent of these was in July 2023. According to it, FDA personnel have been authorized to seize imported kratom products from specified firms without physical inspection.

Is Kratom Allowed In Denver?

Kratom products can be traded in Denver, but there are still some restrictions in place. Any Kratom product sold in Denver needs to be labeled clearly with warnings for consumers so they are aware of all the potential side effects involved.


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