Arizona is a Grand Canyon State known for its vast landscapes and vibrant culture. In this state of red rocks and endless skies, a popular question often arises: Is Kratom legal in Arizona? Kratom has stirred discussions on its legal status across the United States. In Arizona, Kratom’s fate has not been without its share of debate. In this article, let’s discuss the laws and regulations that revolve around the use of the plant in this southwestern state.

What Is The Legal Standing Of Kratom In Arizona

Yes. Kratom is legal in Arizona! This means if you are living in the famous copper state, you don’t have to worry about breaking the law if you decide to take Kratom.

Luckily for Arizona residents, Kratom is completely lawful in Arizona because it isn’t a controlled substance. The Arizona State Legislature does not prohibit the Kratom plant and its alkaloids. That is why you can just stroll into a store and get capsules, powder, extracts, and any other Kratom product you want.

However, in contrast to many other states, the Kratom industry in the copper State is regulated. In fact, in May 2019, Governor Doug Ducey passed the Arizona Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Yes! You heard right. Arizona has its own Kratom Act. Under the legislation, several requirements were placed on merchants selling Kratom products in the State.


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Kratom’s History In Arizona

In 2014, Arizona faced a serious attempt to ban Kratom with the introduction of House Bill 2453. The primary motivation behind this legislative effort was a broader campaign against the use of synthetic substances. Despite Kratom’s natural composition, legislators attempted to label its main alkaloids, mitragynine, and hydroxy mitragynine, as manufactured compounds to support their cause.

Labeling of these naturally occurring alkaloids synthetic made Kratom advocates furious. Luckily, the House Judiciary Committee agreed to an amendment that removed mitragynine and hydroxy mitragynine from the House Bill. So, while the bill passed, thanks to the bill amendment, Kratom remained legal in Arizona.

This may sound like a bold and far-fetched attempt to ban Kratom, but other state governments have used synthetic reasoning to outlaw Kratom, notably the state of Alabama. It looks like Arizona was lucky that it got away with it.

Arizona Kratom Consumer Protection Act

We just touched upon AKCPA, but what is it? In April 2019, the Arizona Kratom Consumer Protection Act was approved by both houses of the state legislature with unanimous consent, and it became a law. Starting then, House Bill 2550 became the legal foundation for the sale of kratom in Arizona.

The main purpose of AKCPA was to prohibit the sale of contaminated kratom, enforce stringent labeling regulations, and prohibit minors from acquiring Kratom.

Here are a few provisions of the Act:

  • All the ingredients should be clearly labeled on packaging
  • It is illegal to sell or provide possession of kratom to anyone under the age of 18
  • Label the product’s mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine content
  • Label the product’s concentrations of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine
  • The common names of each ingredient used in the production of the Kratom product are listed in decreasing order of concentration
  • The name and main mailing address of the company making the kratom product or the person in charge of its distribution
  • Provide sufficient and unambiguous instructions for consuming Kratom
  • Any cautionary remarks on the efficacy and safety of the Kratom product

What Does House Bill 2651 Have To Do With Kratom?

House Bill 2651 was introduced in February 2021. The bill intended to give the kratom industry more credibility while also protecting users and distributors.

The goal of HB2651 was to stop financial institutions from turning away or refusing to serve businesses involved in the kratom business. The bill also included a provision that would prevent state agencies from taking enforcement action unless the DEA rescheduled kratom or its alkaloids as a Schedule I substance.

Furthermore, HB2651 sought to replace the term “dealer” in the Arizona KCPA with “retailer.” Although these three adjustments would have had a tremendous impact on Arizona’s kratom market, the bill was unfortunately killed in committee upon its second reading. No comparable legislation had been submitted to the Arizona State Legislature as of January 2024.

Buying Kratom In Arizona: All You Need To Know

Are you looking for options to purchase Kratom in Arizona? Don’t worry we have got you covered. Kratom is both legal and regulated in the state, leading to numerous local stores offering the plant. The presence of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) ensures access to high-quality products. However, it’s worth noting that pricing remains a concern. But there is no way to avoid this price differential.

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Buying Kratom online proves to be a more cost-effective choice, as brick-and-mortar stores tend to charge higher prices due to operational expenses. Online sellers, devoid of overhead costs, offer a more competitive pricing structure. When purchasing Kratom online, ensure legality in your state, as the shipment is restricted to locations where the plant is legal. Fortunately, in Arizona, this isn’t a concern.

However, when making your online Kratom purchase, there are a few factors that you must consider. For instance, you must confirm the seller’s reliability and commitment to quality by checking their affiliation with the American Kratom Association.

You should also read consumer reviews on their website and scrutinize lab testing reports available on the website to ensure the purchased products are 100% Mitragyna Speciosa.

Could Kratom Face A Future Ban In The State?

As of yet, there has only been one attempt to outlaw Kratom in Arizona, and it was a complete failure. This notable attempt shows the prevailing sentiment that the plant has gained acceptance within the state. With this sole unsuccessful attempt to ban Kratom, coupled with the existing legal framework and regulations in the state, there is currently no compelling reason to anticipate any imminent ban on Kratom in Arizona.

Final Thoughts

Kratom is not only legal but also well-regulated and readily accessible in Arizona. The state’s unique and commendable approach sets an example for states that have currently outlawed Kratom. Since Kratom is legal throughout the state, you can easily purchase it online as well as from the local gas stations and vape shops in Arizona.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Pending Bills Regarding Kratom Regulation In Arizona?

No. After House Bill 2651 was killed in 2020, there have been no subsequent bills introduced concerning Kratom in Arizona.

Is There An Age Restriction On The Use Of Kratom In Arizona State?

As per the  Arizona Kratom Consumer Protection Act, an individual must be 18 or older to buy, possess, sell, or use Kratom.

Are There Any Specific Areas In Arizona Where Kratom Is Illegal?

No. Kratom is legal and regulated in all cities of Arizona, including Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, and Tucson.


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