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Red Thai is a favorite for those who enjoy kratom in the late evening. Although many enjoy Red Thai throughout the day, the strong combination of relaxation and euphoria and sense of well being make this strain perfect for late evenings.

Product Description

Red Thai is popularly used in the evening and nighttime. Many enjoy this kratom variety throughout the day; the strong combination of relaxation, euphoria, and a sense of well-being make this strain perfect for late evenings. It has a soothing aroma. That’s why it is appropriately named for the Land of Smiles, where this plant traditionally grows. Red Thai Kratom is an ideal strain for carrying out a meditation practice or finding relief amid life. It is among the most popular and in-demand Kratom due to its desirable healing properties. It is believed to positively affect the individual’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Red vein kratom effects last longer than other strains, which means users can reap the benefits of this strain for a longer time.

The biggest motivation behind the use of red vein kratom is pain management. Those suffering from chronic pains may find it beneficial. That’s the reason why it is sometimes called the “magical pain management herb .” Nothing can beat our store’s purity and natural flavors of red kratom powder.

  • Red Vein.
  • Native to Thailand.
  • Sourced from ripened leaves on age-old trees.
  • Pure & Unadulterated Kratom.
  • Organically grown.
  • Clinically tested for purity.

Additional Information


28g (1 ounce), 56g (2 ounces), 112g (4 ounces), 224g (8 ounces), 500g (1/2 kilo), 1000 grams 1 Kilo

Customer Reviews

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phillip saarinen
excellent service and product

I have been a customer for many years and always have excellent speedy service and the red kratoms are best for me and always of the highest quality. Keep up the great work!

Karen Catob

As far as the Red Thai's properties, it seems on par (very good) with the red veins I have used. I have to report that Kratom Exchange has consistently provided me White, Green and Red veined product in kilos since 2018 when I was first introduced to kratom. I usually receive product within 4-5 days of ordering. Its always packaged well, never arrived damaged and if any issue arose I could call and be heard & HELPED. EXCELLENT customer service & nice emails with up to 65% off kilos periodically so I can purchase quality product at probably the lowest price anywhere. I have looked at other sites & saw prices higher than the Exchanges & just wasn't impressed. I started with the 3pack of samples for $3.99 shipping & after tried them went right into the kilos as its more cost effective.

cliff brew
Red Thai Kratom

I do love the Red Thai Kratom, but prefer the Red Bali species. It seems to be much smoo the and is better for my back pain


I take it for pain management. Red Thai does not have as strong a taste as others and works well for pain management.


This is the first Kratom I could mix with water
And not gag on. The other’s I had to mix with a sweet juice

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