Where To Buy Kratom Online / Should Kratom Be Used FOr Pain Relief?

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Benefits of all natural pain relief using Kratom

The human body undergoes various types of pains at different points in life. Any human being can experience pain. Sometimes the pain is not caused by any disease but is part and parcel of the human body. With muscles, blood and sometimes viruses causing disease, it is inevitable to experience some type of body pain at some point in course of the week or month. Whether it’s the head, at the back or just some sharp pain, it can interfere with your day or week. Sometimes the pain can be natural and some other times it could be a symptom of an injury or disease.

More than 100 million Americans experience some type of pain that lasts more than a week.  This is according to data from the Institute of medicine. Before we analyze some of the remedies, these are some of the most common types of pain:

Headaches: this is the most common type of pain affecting all ages, races as well as social economic class. A migraine is a common type and others are head muscle contraction, tensions among others. Some headaches can go away after a short period of time while others require natural pain relief.

Back pain: this is the second most common type of pain. It is mainly associated with working-class adults. Statistics show that 8 in every 10 people are likely to experience back pain at some point in their lives. Some of the major causes include strenuous work, sports, and physical exercise. Pain may end or last for years and in almost all cases requiring some form of pain relief.

Muscle pain: A common type of pain especially for people engaged in any type of strenuous activity. It is most common among sports personalities or those engaged in exercises. Even engaging in ordinary jobs can cause muscle pain after some time because of accumulation or overuse of certain muscles in the body. Most common types of muscle pains disappear after a period of time and do not require hospitalization. Natural pain relievers are the best option for this type of pain.

Osteoarthritis: mainly associated with wear and tear of bones in joints such as knees. When certain parts of the joints are overused, it can lead to osteoarthritis either due to work-related injuries or sports. This type of pain can be stiff and painful requiring suspension of day to day activities. In most cases, this type of pain is likely to occur as you get older or has a family history with such a condition. However, simple natural pain relief remedies can work to ease the pain.

Abdominal pain: most times when a person eats extra food than required, or when food is contaminated, it can cause abdominal pain. Some other causes can include constipation, food poisoning, bowels movements and some types of stomach viruses. Treatment for this type of pain can vary depending on the severity of the issue.

Other types of pain worth mentioning are ischemic pain and pelvic pain. Pelvic pain is the particularly common type of pain associated with menstrual cramps and endometriosis.

Kratom as a natural remedy for pain

The best remedies for pain are natural pain relievers. They have fewer side effects and reduce chances of long-term dependence on prescription drugs. One of the best is Kratom.

Kratom is a botanical product that is used to manage different types of pain.

Before modern times, Kratom has been used for centuries as a psychostimulant. In Southeast Asia, workers have used it for centuries in brewed tea to help fight fatigue and increase their productivity, especially after long work hours.

It is especially famous in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia as well as European countries. In the United States it the legal in many such as Washington, Montana, North Dakota, California, Nevada, Texas, among others. What makes kratom the best alternative is because:

  • For a long period of time, it has been used as a natural pain relief alternative as well as other digestive ailments and chronic pains.
  • Kratom has other important wellness features not present in prescription painkillers by pharmaceutical companies.

Unlike other prescription pain relief remedies, kratom has other benefits to the user such as stimulation, relaxation and increased overall well-being.

Kratom has over 25 alkaloids that are used to serve different purposes other than pain relief. Therefore Kratom is better-rounded drug since it has other benefits as compared with prescription painkillers. For example, one of the main benefits is the treatment of depression which is closely associated with chronic pain. Studies show that about 70% of all patients suffering from chronic pain especially for long periods, they are likely to also have depression. Therefore eliminating pain alone does not do away with depression which may remain long after the pain is gone. The current prescription drugs for chronic pain do not take this into consideration as they issue pain relieving tablets.

Furthermore, kratom comes in various strains as explained below:


White kratom strains

With energizing properties, the white kratom strain is known to alleviate lethargy, sluggishness and provides an energy boost to last you all day. Other main benefits include:

  1. Sharpens mental state thereby facilitating creative thinking and imagination
  2. Boosts confidence
  3. Powerful Antidepressant and enabling people to become more social

Green Kratom strain

It is a commonly used kratom and is very popular because of its benefits such as

  1. Pain relief: a very popular pain reliever since it has very little toxins as well as having a mild taste, therefore, making it less acidic and less bitter. Furthermore, it does not cause drowsiness or dehydration meaning that you can use it and continue with your day’s activities. These properties mean that a lot of people can use it without any side effects
  2. Improves cognitive thinking: it stimulates sensory nerves making the user feel alert and energized throughout the day.
  3. Compared with other strains, the green Kratom has longer lasting effects. This is beneficial for those undertaking long strenuous work as well as those that require a long period of stimulation, pain relief, and

Red Kratom strain

The red Kratom strain has also pain relieving benefits with other additional benefits.  One of the other benefits is relaxation without necessary putting you to sleep. It also has mood enhancing properties. It reacts with dopamine chemical in the body thereby promoting overall good feeling and well-being of the user.

Maeng Da Kratom

This is Kratom from Thailand that is known to be one of the strongest.  It is genetically modified and therefore achieves better outcomes than most of the other kratoms. It does not only relieve pain but also improves overall wellness while avoiding sedative effects.

All the above strains of kratom work after about 10 minutes of ingestion and last up to 8 hours. This is important because it can easily enable you to get back to work after a short while without having to wait for the whole day. Furthermore, the effects on the majority of painkillers last only a few hours and might need to be ingested multiple times within a short period of time.


How to take Kratom

Different people can have a different way of taking kratom based on the daily routines. For most people, they can take it by putting in their morning tea or a smoothie. Sometimes it is recommended to put in smoothies to avoid the bitterness.  Some also use the tossing method whereby you put a small amount in a small cup, put in some water and toss it into the mouth with one gulp.  Some can also make their own vegetable kratom capsules.

Another important consideration to take is the amount of dosage. It is always advisable to start small and then add depending on the degree of pain. If possible,  take a time log of how long it takes to take effect and how long it lasts. This will help you know the correct dosage going forward.

Each strain may require different dosage depending on the type of pain. However, there are dosage guidelines that are easy to follow

Any side effects?

Kratom does not have any adverse side effects. Currently, there are no restrictions on what activities or food you cannot take while taking kratom.

However, users are advised not to consume much in the late afternoons as they can lead to insomnia.  I addition, some side-effects can be minimal but vary from person to person. It could depend on things such as food eaten, state of physical activity or other related body conditions. Nonetheless, for the majority of the people, it works fine.

In addition, unlike ordinary painkillers that have requirements for monitoring the number of pills, Kratom is consumed based on need.


Cost: the price range for Kratom can range widely deepening on the type of strain as well as the amount. Some can cost as low as $9.99. On average users can take 2-3 times a day and a whole bottle can go for about a month. Even if the cost might be slightly higher than normal painkillers, the benefits far outweigh the costs.  Furthermore, there are other means of reducing pain that is natural. However, other natural solutions are way more expensive than Kratom.



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