What’s The Right Kratom Dose?

One of the more common questions our community and customers ask concerns kratom dosing. It’s always a tricky subject to cover, for many reasons but anytime we can add clarity to you, we do. Finding that perfect kratom dose can take time. While we’re always providing tips for your kratom dose, we really haven’t dove deep in one article and that’s what we’re going to be doing.

The Right Kratom Dose

Does the right kratom dose exist?

It does and controlling your kratom dose is important because of building a tolerance to kratom.

Now, if you’re new to kratom, it’s super important you know how to properly begin taking your kratom. You don’t want to take too much kratom in the beginning because you could be one of the few that experiences side effects of kratom.

The reason this is a tricky topic to cover is because everyone reacts differently, everyone has a different physical structure. No two of us are alike. What works for one person may not work for you and visa versa.

You Have To Experiment To Find The Right Dose

It’s easy to say 3-4 grams is a great dose for you, but there’s no way to know and that would be foolish to say none the less.

The only way to find the right dose is by taking a kratom dose and seeing what the kratom does to you. If you’re new to taking kratom, it’ll take a few days to find that perfect amount of kratom you need to take.

Starting out, you do need to start slow. It doesn’t matter what type of kratom strains you’re taking, always start slow. That’s usually 1-2 grams and giving it 30-45 minutes to kick in. That may take you to your zone. If not, 1-2 grams more shouldn’t hurt. Wait another 30-45 minutes and you should be feeling well by this point.

There’s a lot of different kratom powders to buy, each can offer a different effect and experience. If you’re curious to what kratom powders others are buying, be sure to check out our guide: Best Kratom Guide 2019 Edition

Experiment With How You Take Your Kratom

There’s a lot of different ways you can take your kratom too.

Most people tell you to take kratom on an empty stomach, I do agree with this.

You can try different delivery methods, find what works best for you.

You can also try your kratom doses at different times of the day. You may find a specific time works best for you.

Finding The Right Kratom Powder For You

It’s important to find the right kratom powder that works for you too.

As you likely know, there’s 3 different kratom strains and each can effect you differently.

These 3 kratom strains create all the different kratom powders you’re familiar with, even those you don’t know.

Finding that “right” kratom powder, it can be tough. Even with all the research and knowing how kratom effects other users, you’ll never know how it effects you until you try it yourself.

Where You Buy Your Kratom Matters

The one thing that can ruin your kratom experience from the start is buying bad kratom. That’s why you need to find a trusted kratom vendor.

When I first started taking kratom, I’d buy from the same vendor and the kratom quality would always be different. That led me to launch Kratom Exchange and we have a great process to ensure your kratom is fresh and consistent.

If the kratom quality is changing when you buy kratom from a particular online vendor, it’s going to confuse you as you’ll likely feel different effects, some could be good, some may be bad. It’s not great for getting stable on your kratom. Where you buy kratom matters.

I’m glad you found us, I’m glad you’re taking the time to read this, I want you to be informed.

In Closing

It all goes back to my point, you have the right kratom dose for you. Nobody else can do it.

You can do all the research you want, it’s great and I recommend it. However, in this scenario, the only thing you can do is try a dose and wait.

The reason we tell new kratom users to start small is because a small percentage may have side effects from kratom. You’re going to experience less side effects taking a small dose versus a large dose.

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