Horned Kratom is a unique strain, not only due to its characteristic appearance but also its place of origin. This kratom species is harvested on only one island in the world – Indonesia’s Borneo Island.

For this reason, the plant is rare, expensive, and very sought after. But its rarity is not the main reason why it gained such popularity in the kratom circles. 

What is the real cause of Horned Kratom’s acclaim? 

Key Points

  • Horned Kratom is the biggest kratom plant. 
  • The kratom offers great potency and long-lasting effects, which, depending on the type, can promote relaxation, mood boost, and discomfort relief.
  • Horned Kratom is very rare, harvested only on one island in the world. 
  • It has three main types: Red Horned Kratom, White Horned Kratom, and Green Horned Kratom. 
  • The correct dosage for Horned Kratom should not surpass 10 grams per day.

What Is Horned Leaf Kratom?

Horned Kratom takes its name from the characteristic appearance of its leaves, which are crowned with spikes resembling horns. The leaves can grow to be 6″ or more in length, which means Horned Kratom is the biggest kratom variety we know of.

But, kratom’s impressive size means this species takes more time to mature. It can take even more than a year for a plant to be ready for harvesting. This impacts the availability of the Horned Leaf Kratom on the market, making it high in demand. 

There are three main Horned Kratom strains: Red Horned Kratom, White Horned Kratom, and Green Horned Kratom.

What Makes Horned Kratom Special?

So, we know Horned Kratom is the biggest variety of kratom, and therefore, it might be a little more difficult to get your hands on it. But what truly makes it special and so popular?

Unique Alkaloid Profile

One of the reasons is hidden in the plant’s alkaloid profile. It’s all because of the tiny spikes at the end of the leaf, which basically increase the potency of this variety. Horned Leaf Kratom is known for its stimulating properties, which are usually more intense and long-lasting than in some other popular kratom plants.

The same goes for kratom’s sedative effects. You can achieve a very nice state of tranquility that will last even a whole day, which is good news for all of those kratom enthusiasts who want something easy to administer and effective, keeping them happy, calm, and satisfied throughout their work days.  

All in all, it’s that potency and effectiveness that attracts many to this kratom.

Horned Kratom Leafs

Types of Horned Kratom

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are three main types of Horned Kratom. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Horned White Vein Kratom

White Horned Kratom should be your top choice if what you’re looking for is a boost of energy. Its effects are similar to other white kratom powders, but what differentiates it from them is its higher potency. 

Users report feeling energized, motivated, and excited to take on the challenges of everyday life after taking this kratom. In higher doses, it can promote an energy boost and minimize nervousness, offering a great balance between the two – something many White Horned Kratom enthusiasts particularly appreciate. 

Top Benefits

  • High potency
  • Energy boost 
  • Tranquility (in higher doses)

Horned Red Vein Kratom

A more popular strain of Horned Kratom, beloved by many for its relaxing and restless mind-relieving properties, Red Horned Kratom is as rare as the white variety but just as strong, offering long-lasting support.

Red Horned Kratom contains 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, a truly powerful alkaloid responsible for promoting deep states of relaxation and peace. Therefore, this strain is much more suitable if you’re looking for something to help you mitigate nervousness and battle restless mind.

Some users also report feeling relief in pain and a mood boost after regular use.

Top Benefits

  • High potency 
  • Tranquility
  • Relief of a restless mind

Horned Green Vein Kratom

Last but not least, we have Green Horned Kratom, which is the middle-of-the-road choice, combining the effects of White and Red Horned Kratom. This strain may help you regain focus and clarity of mind, allowing you to relax, but not in a way you’ll want to curl up and fall asleep.

Green Horned Kratom can be administered when you need that little bit of support to get through a challenging and hectic day. It may offer you a small energy boost (a property it shares with White Horned Kratom), so you have an easier time multitasking and keeping your nerves at bay. 

Top Benefits

  • High potency
  • Improved focus
  • Energy boost

What Is the Right Horned Kratom Dose?

Horned Leaf Kratom is one of the most potent kratom plants you can find. That’s why the proper dosing is imperative to achieve desired results. It’s not advisable to administer too large doses, especially at the beginning of your adventure with kratom, as this can increase the risk of experiencing side effects.

The safe dosage to start with is 1 – 2 grams per day. Gradually, you can increase the dosage to 4 to 6 grams daily. It’s not recommended to go above 10 grams per day.

Remember that finding the correct dosage is an individual journey. People may feel the effects of kratom differently, depending on their weight, overall health, and mental condition, as well as the level of tolerance to the plant they’ve built.

Growing horned kratom

Potential Side Effect 

Any substance in the world can produce negative side effects if administered in too high doses. The same, of course, is true for kratom. It’s good to be sensitive to possible side effects and react when they manifest. 

On the list of most common Horned Leaf Kratom side effects, we will find:

  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Sweating
  • Drop in energy 
  • Itching

Some more serious side effects may include liver damage and addiction to kratom. Responsible use is the key to success. If you experience any of these symptoms after administering Horned Kratom, you should immediately stop the supplementation and contact a medical professional. In such a case, it might be necessary for you to choose a different kratom plant, decrease your dose, or stop using kratom altogether.   

How to Take Horned Kratom?

What is the best way to take Horned Kratom? If you’re interested in incorporating kratom into your daily routine, you have at least a few good options worth exploring. 

A popular product, Horned Kratom powder can be an excellent choice for those who want to have complete control over their doses and a wide variety of possible administering methods. A powder can be consumed on its own and washed down with plain water. You can also dissolve it in non carbonated drinks. 

As kratom has a distinctive, somewhat heavy flavor profile, a powder can be a suitable product if you want to mask the taste of kratom, for example, by adding it to your morning smoothie. 

You may also achieve the same with Horned Kratom capsules, which are easy to take on the go, when you travel, or want to ensure you’re administering the same dose of Kratom every time. 

Dried Kratom leaves can be a base for a Horned Kratom tea, another popular way kratom is consumed. Brewing your kratom tea can be a very relaxing routine on its own, however, it might not be a preferred administration method for everyone due to the characteristic flavor of kratom.

horned kratom powder

Where Can I Buy Horned Kratom?

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Parting Thoughts

From this article, you learned that Horned Kratom is not only one of the rarest kratom varieties but also one with the higher potency. For this reason, it’s highly sought after and can be quite pricey. However, the higher price tag is justified, as with it comes amazing quality, prolonged effectiveness, and sometimes, very quick results. 

Like with everything else, proper dosing is important. Fortunately, there are many different Horned Kratom products and ways to consume the plant, so you have a high chance of finding the exact right method for yourself. 

If you have more questions about all the kratom of this world, we encourage you to visit our Blog! In the meantime, we will see you soon!  


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