What Is The Shelf Life of Kratom? How Long Does It Stay Fresh?

The shelf life of Kratom is the most asked question in the West. Though Kratom is a medicinal herb that has been a staple in Southeast Asia, people in western countries have recently started exploring this natural herb and its capabilities.

Kratom users wish to stay within budget while buying Kratom in bulk, but the vendors can embitter them as they can be delivered with a Kratom powder that is not fresh and has reduced potency and wasted potential. To avoid such scams, let’s know more about the shelf life of Kratom and some related facts.

What Is The Shelf Life of Kratom

Before going straight to the shelf life of Kratom, let’s first discuss its chemical composition. Kratom has been identified with 20 alkaloids that are beneficial to your body. When you pluck Kratom leaves from the trees, they have the highest amount of chemicals which degrades with time and under particular weather conditions. But this doesn’t mean that Kratom becomes toxic. The substances in Kratom break down with time, and it starts losing its efficacy with time. The shelf life of Kratom is usually up to three months after grinding the leaves. If you properly store them, shelf life can increase, keeping the Kratom powder fresh for a long time.

What Are The Factors That Affect the Shelf Life of Kratom?

Kratom has an intricate chemical structure that can be easily affected by external elements, altering its aroma, effects, and other properties.

Time is the primary factor that impacts the shelf life of Kratom. Once the leaves are detached from the tree, the alkaloids start breaking down, which lasts for quite a while. The following factors can speed up the deterioration and reduce Kratom’s shelf life.

  • Moisture: Dried Kratom powder is prone to mold, which can ruin the whole batch. You have to ensure that not a single droplet of liquid should touch your Kratom. Even while storing the Kratom, you must check that the humidity should be pretty low and avoid keeping it in the high moisture area if you wish to extend its shelf life.
  • Air: Keeping Kratom in the open can make it lose its properties as it will start oxidizing. Oxidation can significantly drop the potency, which means Kratom will lose its color and smell. You have to make sure that you should store it in an air-tight container to reduce the rate of oxidation.
  • Ultraviolet light: UV light, including sunlight, deteriorates organic products, which further reduces the shelf life of Kratom. Direct exposure breaks down the stable alkaloids, while transparent glass facilitates chemical deterioration.  

Some Tips To Store Kratom For Increased Shelf Life

Now that you know the potential factors that can cause Kratom to lose its potency, let’s discuss how to keep Kratom powder fresh and strong for a long time. You just need to consider the right set of conditions that can minimize deterioration.

Buy Fresh Kratom Powder: Getting the fresh Kratom product is the first thing you need to do. The shelf life of Kratom powder or any of the Kratom products starts counting from the day it is produced and not the date of purchase. To be safe, always buy Kratom powder online from reliable vendors only. Kratom Exchange is one of the most reputable vendors offering fresh Kratom powder at highly affordable rates.

Choose The Right Kratom Product Type: Kratom capsules, Kratom Tea, and Kratom tinctures are the way to go for many people, but the best alternative product is Kratom Powder. Its shelf life is more, and you can use it the way you want – brew it as a tea, gulp the powder with water or juice, or make your own Kratom Capsules.

Buy Proper Storage Jars: If you really wish to increase the shelf life of Kratom products, you need to store them properly. Below are two ways to store Kratom for a long time-

  • Short-term Storage
  • Long-term Storage

In both ways, you aim to reduce the oxygen exposure of your powder. Keep your Kratom in its original packaging before you start using it. You can use Opaque Jars to avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Choose The Right Storage Space: Now that you have decided on the right storage jars, it’s time to find a quality storage space away from direct sunlight, moisture, and other damaging factors. Choose a place that is:

  • Dark: Use opaque glass jars and store them in a place that doesn’t have direct sun rays.
  • Cold: Heat can cause condensation, and higher temperatures might speed up degradation. Keep your Kratom in a cool place.
  • Dry: High moisture levels in the air can cause mold growth. Make sure you keep your Kratom in a dry place.

Avoid storing in cupboards near bathrooms, washrooms, and even the kitchen.

Wrapping Up!

Kratom’s shelf life is important to consider if you really wish to enjoy its benefits. Keep reading our blogs to learn ways to use, store and buy Kratom online.

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