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What Is The Relationship Between Kratom and ADHD?

ADHD is attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, a neurodevelopmental disorder commonly diagnosed in childhood and adulthood. The clinical indications of ADHD are pretty variable such as children with ADHD can be excessively active and may have trouble paying attention at school and home. The ADHD symptoms in children might include many daydreaming with impulsive behavior. Some examples are talking too much or inappropriate behavior, making mistakes due to careless behavior, and having difficulty taking turns or taking unnecessary risks because it’s hard to resist temptation. It could also lead to their failure in class and reduce their self-esteem.

While in adults, the ADHD symptoms might become serious by the demand of adulthood responsibilities and have difficulty at the workplace due to lack of attention in work and missed deadlines due to forgotten issues. It may cause a significant impact on their social life due to traffic mood swings, anxiety, and anger problems. It also affects one’s life expectancies, so, The issues mentioned may have a solution, i.e., the use of Kratom Powder. Before that, let’s understand the types and other details related to ADHD!



  1. Hyperactive-Impulsive ADHD: The person with hyperactive-impulsive ADHD may have difficulty sitting for a long time (while taking meals) and feel restless. However, individuals may interrupt others due to impulsive behavior and have more accidents and injuries.
  2. Inattentive ADHD: An individual with this ADHD has difficulty completing the work within the time frame, has difficulty paying attention to small details while working, and misses deadlines at the workplace.
  3. Combined ADHD: A person has symptoms of both mentioned above.


However, the leading cause of ADHD is still unclear; some researchers reported it might be due to brain injury (during pregnancy and at a young age), environmental factors, or consumption of alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy. In contrast, very few studies reported the involvement of genetic factors. They found that a person with ADHD has genes that lead to the lack of dopamine and serotonin (neurotransmitters) released in their brains. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and critical component in the brain’s “reward pathway” to maintain neuronal activity. So, the clinical therapies include the upregulation of dopamine release from brain cells to alleviate the ADHD effect in the person and medication with mimic dopamine molecules such as kratom.

It may stimulate the brain by binding to the dopamine receptors D1 (DRD1) and directly affect the person’s behavior. Serotonin is another neurotransmitter linked to ADHD, and the reduction of serotonin in the brain could harm ADHD patients. Kratom consumption may incline the absorption of serotonin in brain cells (neurons) with the upregulation of its receptors on the brain cells, directly affecting ADHD symptoms.


Kratom is a natural supplement for mental and physical relief. It is a plant-based herbal medicine that may relieve pain, fatigue, depression, and muscle cramps. It may also provide mental refile such as kratom consumption to kill anxiety, promote mental clarity, and reduce impulsiveness. Stress is one of the symptoms of ADHD in adulthood, and one can not take kratom-containing medicine (Adderall). 

The different kratom strains are available in the Asian countries to treat ADHD, such as white horn kratom, white Maeng da kratom, white Thai kratom, and red Bali kratom, which is available in Maeng Da Kratom Powder. White horn kratom has white color and spiky leaves and is found mainly in Indonesia and Borneo; due to the mild sedative effect, it is not recommended for ADHD patients. White Maeng da kratom and red Bali kratom can be used as energy boosters and may quickly elevate the mood and relieve ADHD symptoms. Majority of the strains you can get in Thailand. White Thai kratom was reported to increase dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain and effectively reduce ADHD symptoms.

It will show the results when the patient takes it under the doctor’s observation. It evaluated the scientific information available on kratom usage in medicine and its effect on the consumers. However, the regulated consumption of kratom under medical supervision proved beneficial for ADHD patients. The dried leaves of kratom or its powder were recommended based on the person’s age, weight, and health.


Kratom may be changing the discussion. Those with ADHD who have been on ineffective prescription medicines for years may try kratom.

According to preliminary data, kratom may be more effective than some other types of mental illness in treating ADHD—the vast majority of persons who use kratom reported no adverse effects, contrary to widespread opinion. Still, caution is necessary!

Although kratom consumption might not wholly cure ADHD, it may serve as a better substitute for synthetic medicines. It may help alleviate the ADHD symptoms, with a minimum dose, without having significant side effects on the treated person, like synthetic medicines.

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