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What Is the Best Way to Take Kratom? Here’s a Complete Guide

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Are you suffering from social anxiety or PTSD? 

You might be surprised to learn that there is a natural remedy called kratom that may help you heal from deep trauma.

What does kratom do to you? Well, it depends. In general, kratom may give you a stimulation that is like euphoria.

There are several ways to take kratom, and we’ll review them all in this article. Keep reading to find out the best way to take kratom for relaxation or energy.


Although kratom is usually referred to as a kratom plant, kratom is a tree that comes from Southeast Asia. Its leaves have been used for hundreds of years for a variety of purposes. As per reports, Kratom is used in lower doses for energy, but in larger doses it may also  be used for sedation purposes.

If you’re going to use kratom, you should know that getting the right dose is extremely important. You don’t want to end up sedating yourself accidentally, but you also want to make sure that you take enough of it.


If you’re tired of drinking coffee or you just want a boost, there are several strains of kratom that are great for energy, and may help you.

All the strains of kratom that come from Thailand may be great for energy and alertness. Strains of kratom that have visibly white veins may also be effective as stimulants. Also, Maeng Da kratom may work well for alertness and energy.

These kratom strains are comparable to caffeine: you might find that you have more physical energy, more sexual energy, and may work harder at your job. Just be careful not to take too much kratom because you would feel sedated.


If you’re wondering how to use kratom for pain relief, you should make sure to buy the right strain. Borneo, Indo, Bali, and all red-veined strains of kratom may be effective for pain. Not only that, some stats show people are taking kratom for relief from chronic pain.

You might feel calm, relaxed, and indifferent to pain while using kratom. If you experience any sweating, just relax because it should pass quickly. You should not drive a car while taking kratom for pain relief. Make sure you have a place to lie down and rest.

If you feel overly sedated from the kratom, take a slightly lower dose next time. We’ll review the different dosages of kratom and how to use them.


Wondering how to use kratom? It’s pretty easy but you have to make sure to start on an empty stomach. You may take kratom with food, but the effects will be less pronounced.

First, take three grams of kratom powder about two hours before you eat or first thing in the morning. You should notice that you may begin to feel the effects about half an hour later.

After half an hour, if you don’t feel anything, take another two grams of kratom. One teaspoon is equal to three grams of kratom, so be careful and don’t use a tablespoon by accident.

Keep going with this schedule until you have reached six grams of kratom. That is the point where you may start sedating yourself instead of giving yourself energy.


If you’re looking for ways to incorporate kratom into your diet, you have several options. You may mix it in with milk, drink it in water, or put it into soup. You may also mix the kratom in with applesauce or sprinkle it onto your food.

The only problem with taking kratom with food is that the effects could be dulled. Ideally, you’d drink it right when you wake up so that you may feel energized immediately.

You may also mix kratom with ice cream, cookies, or cake. If you’re looking for the best way to take kratom, you may try incorporating it into your food. Make sure that you don’t put in too much kratom, though.

For a cake, make sure that you don’t put in more than about five grams of kratom. You don’t want to change the taste, just liven up the food.


If you want to control your dose of kratom more closely, try taking it in paste or slurry form. To make the paste, place one dose of kratom at the bottom of a cup or bowl.

Add just enough water to make the kratom a little bit thinner, and stir until you may reach the desired consistency. When you take the paste by mouth, make sure that you’re drinking enough water. Don’t try to take the entire paste at once because you could choke.

Make a slurry in the same way, only using more water. Take about one cup of water and put in about five grams of kratom. You can go as high as seven or eight grams, but you want to make sure that you’re not dosing too high.

Drink the slurry slowly and rinse the glass to make sure that you got all of the kratom.


In addition to the methods we’ve described above, you can take kratom in capsule form. You should know that each capsule holds only half a gram of kratom, so you’d have to take ten pills to equal five grams.

Overall, the best way to take kratom is the way that is going to make you most comfortable. If you prefer to take it as a tea, you may experiment with the right dosage until you find the right one for you. The same idea holds true for mixing it into food and taking it as a paste or slurry.

Kratom may work as a way to deal with coughing, diarrhea, and other ailments. People throughout Southeast Asia have been using it for hundreds of years as a stimulant and as a relaxant.

Take your time and try out different ways to take kratom. You may find that you prefer to take it in a milkshake or in your oatmeal. If you find that the food is diluting the potency, take kratom before you eat or rotate the strain that you are taking.

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There’s a number of different kratom powders out there to try and each can have different effects.

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