What Is The Best Way To Find Your Optimal Kratom Dosage?

Mitragyna speciosa is an indigenous tree found in Southeast Asia. You may not have heard about it by this name. But you might surely know it by the name of “Kratom.” Folks have been using its leaves for centuries. Now, the western world recognizes this herbal plant for its miraculous properties. 

The number of vendors dealing with kratom and its products is increasing daily. You must select a reliable vendor and maintain the optimal effectiveness of the product. Get to know the serving size that is suitable for you before buying it. There are numerous strains of kratom, including Yellow vein kratom, Red vein kratom, White vein kratom, and many more. You need to learn about each strain to see the effectiveness it offers. 

We are here to teach you the best way to find your optimal kratom dosage. 


Many kratom consumers use kratom leaves to get rid of the discomfort they are facing. Two significant alkaloids are found in kratom: Mitragynine and 7 hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids are believed to play a vital role in making you free from pain. 

Mitragynine – This compound has analgesic effects and is abundant in kratom. You may be surprised to know that its concentration is nearly 60% out of all the total alkaloids in Kratom. 

7-Hydroxymitragynine – Oxidation of Mitragynine gives rise to 7-Hydroxymitragynine. And the oxidation makes it more potent in comparison to its precursor. But its concentration is less than 2% of all the alkaloids found in kratom. 

This natural herb also has the presence of other compounds. More than 40 active alkaloids are found in it. Let’s find out the reasons people prefer to take kratom. 

Enhancing sleep – Kratom may help induce sleep and drowsiness. 

Energy – Taking a small kratom dose may kick your energy levels. 

Boost mood – Consuming it in moderate amounts may uplift your mood.

Reduce anxiety – It may help deal with the anxiety and reduce nervousness or uneasy feelings if you have any. 


There are a plethora of methods to take kratom. Experiment with various methods individually and see what works for you. Some techniques work better than others. Following are some of the methods that you can consider for taking kratom – 

Kratom tea – Ask any individual out there, and most of them say they can’t start their day without tea. And what better than including kratom powder in the tea to make your day more energetic! You can include kratom powder like kratom super green powder in the tea. Just put the powder into the tea when it is at a rolling boil. Use a coffee filter to strain the plant matter. You can reduce the bitter taste of the powder by adding sweetening agents to the tea.

Toss and Wash – If you are unable to bear the flavor of the kratom powder, the toss and wash method can help you. Toss the powder in your mouth using a spoon and have a drink immediately.

Kratom capsules – Taking the capsules comes under one of the easiest methods. You can consume kratom capsules and have all the fun. 

Kratom extracts – You can consider adding kratom extracts to various food items and beverages. Just put a small serving, and you will be good to go.  

Guidelines for kratom dosage – You must experiment with the different dosage levels to find the optimal measurement for your needs. If you are a beginner, a gram or two is all you need initially. Before taking another gram, wait for 60 minutes. You can take another gram if you find it necessary. 

Some farmers grow this natural herb with more effort. Keep in mind to always buy kratom and its products from trustworthy vendors. 


Kratom comes in a variety of forms like kratom drinks, capsules, powder, and extracts. Use each form to determine the serving size for you. 

Most kratom users maintain a consistent level of taking kratom using a spoon. For instance – The crushed kratom leaf looks like an herbal tea due to its coarse texture. It is said that a spoonful of crushed kratom leaf has less kratom than the kratom in the powdered form. Moreover, finely ground kratom powder has more content in the spoon than a clumpy product. You can use a digital scale to get an accurate measurement. 


Many people think that it is confusing to find their ideal kratom dose. It doesn’t need to be that way. Although there are no set standards for dosage, just follow the above-mentioned general guidelines, and you will find your perfect amount. Start slow and see how your body responds. All in all, make your kratom intake experience the best by extracting its maximum benefits.

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