What Is Kratom, Exactly? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Kratom lives in a grey area where its users have to be a bit discreet. They formed together to create a loyal community. A community that even has its own dictionary of Kratom terms.

The community consists of about 3 to 5 million people who enjoy the many benefits of Kratom.

This not quite legal, yet not altogether illegal “drug” has created a controversy. On one hand, it’s a natural solution for pain. On the other, an out of control substance that’s taking the government by storm.

Yet, many people are still scratching their heads and wondering, what is Kratom?

Well, here’s everything you need to know about the natural herb that’s getting all the attention.


It comes from the leaves of a plant called Mitragyna Speciosa, a relative of the coffee leaf family. The tropical kratom plant grows in Thailand, Indonesia, Malasia, and Papua New Guinea.

It’s been around for hundreds of years. Kratom has a history of getting used to make workers more productive.

You can buy Kratom online or grow your own plants from seeds. Some head shops also carry it, offering many different brands and Kratom-related products. If you’ve been looking for local kratom, you’ve likely come across these.


Kratom is known for the euphoric effects that come with ingesting the plant. In smaller doses, it may result in a stimulant effect. The user might experience increased energy levels, motivation, and an improved mood. They are more open and talkative in a social setting.

Larger doses may act as a sedative. The user might feel a sense of calm, and reduced feelings of pain.

It’s important to note that factors such as plant location and growth habits will influence the effects of each Kratom plant.


Kratom comes in capsule form or gets made into a powder then stirred into water. You can also make a cup of Kratom tea. Combine Kratom powder in water and boil for 30 minutes then strain.

Most people prefer Kratom capsules, as they are quick and easy to understand dosage. It also has less of a taste than powder or tea.

Kratom can also get ingested by mixing into yogurt or a protein shake. This masks the flavor and scent well.

It is possible to smoke Kratom. Yet, the amount you would need to smoke would be far more than you would ingest. It is in no way a cost-effective method of consuming Kratom.


People consume Kratom for everything from chronic pain relief to helping with anxiety

Its may provide relief from pain, PTSD, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and fibromyalgia. It may also help regulate moods, reduce anxiety, depression, and other mind-related disorders.

It may also stabilize energy levels, including sexual energy. People consuming Kratom find they have the endurance to function better in their daily activities. It seems America has found a natural herb that may help them ease their pain. 


Kratom has a love-hate relationship with the public vs the government. There is an ongoing debate titled: is kratom a drug that needs to get regulated?

The FDA sent out a public health advisory against Kratom. Citing it as a possible danger with risks of abuse. The government prefers people have a diagnosis with a doctor rather than treating themselves with Kratom.

They have even gone as far as listing Kratom within the same category as ecstasy and heroin. Yet this did not end up sticking. The few Kratom-related deaths have gotten debunked by evidence that the deceased also had other drugs in their system. In fact, all of the deaths reported that included kratom also included other drugs, meaning they were taking kratom with other drugs. We never recommend this, if you’re buying kratom, stick with that.

The government has made attempts to ban the herbal supplement on a national level, to no avail yet. The DEA’s actions to ban Kratom did not go well and resulted in their proposal getting withdrawn.

Supporters of Kratom reacted and pushed back, winning over the public. They obtained signatures and lobbied Congress on behalf of Kratom.

Authorities are still in conversation about whether or not to pursue a ban on it. They are currently researching Kratom further.


On the other side of the Kratom battle, sits the American Kratom Association. They are hard at work to protect the plant and the rights of Kratom users. Kratom vendors like Kratom Exchange and others have become a voice for the kratom community.

Pharmaceutical companies are also looking into ways of further developing Kratom into a pain-relieving prescription drug. They plan to offer an alternative without any side effects or extra risks.

A more effective method of quality control could help Kratom’s case. As it stands, there are no real regulations in place. Some Kratom users are guessing when it comes to quality and proper dosage.

People are buying kratom powders, drinks, and extracts without doing their research. Some are turning to sketchy sources, ending up with products that have gotten mixed in with other drugs. Kratom has a ton of benefits and is helping change the lives of many for the better.


As with any drug or herbal supplement, quality is everything.

It’s important to know the difference between the real deal and the processed dried up stuff that some companies try to pass off as Kratom. Package branding isn’t everything, so it’s your job to look into the true quality of the product.

So, what is Kratom quality control?

When buying Kratom, be sure you’re getting a fresh, high-quality, and organic product. This is one of the main reasons our popularity at Kratom Exchange has increased over the years. We ensure our kratom powder is always fresh and high quality.

Some Kratom brands use harsh fertilizers, which can change the effects of the plant.

Do your research and know the background information of the company you plan to buy from. Ensure the plant had proper care and harvesting methods before getting packaged or turned to powder. Learn more about how to ensure you are buying quality Kratom.

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