Using Kratom And Weed: Effects, Experiences, Safety And More

So… you’re thinking about using kratom and marijuana together. Interesting.

Two of the world’s most finest organic medicines, but should these two be used together?

If you are indeed thinking about using them together, you’re not the only one. It’s a common question we’re asked in our community, go to Reddit and everyone’s talking about it. it appears a lot of people enjoy marijuana and kratom together.

Here in the U.S., medical marijuana has become widely available. It’s been approved for a number of different conditions. As you likely know, kratom is becoming very popular here in the U.S. as more people discover the array of benefits this amazing plant can provide.

Due to kratom’s growing popularity, more people are experimenting with kratom and other things. I’ve already discussed my thoughts on kratom and alcohol, today we’re going to be discussing kratom and weed, that being marijuana. There’s a lot of great feedback out there among the kratom community, I’ll be sharing their thoughts and my own.

Kratom And Weed: They Love It!

Nearly everyone I’ve been talking to that has tried kratom and weed together love it. In fact, many of them have added marijuana to their daily routine along with kratom.

Now, before we dive deep, let me crystal clear. If you’re taking marijuana and kratom, the effects you feel can differ from others. There’s a lot of different kratom strains/powders and there’s a lot of different marijuana strains too. There’s no way to predict what you can expect, it’s impossible. Always use your best judgement.

How To Take Kratom And Weed

Most users prefer taking their kratom first and waiting a hour or two before they smoke marijuana or try an edible. While it may sound hardcore to some, users prefer only a little weed, not a lot. Some say it only takes a few tokes and you’ll hit your sweet spot, others prefer to have more. Together, it’s all about personal preference. Nearly everyone would recommend starting out slow.

A fair amount of those that turn to kratom versus opiates have been smoking marijuana for a long time. They’re use to smoking weed, but not taking kratom or taking kratom with weed.

Benjamin Adams recently wrote a great article on mixing kratom and marijuana, as well as some useful insights. I’d encourage you to check this out. He makes some great points and provides some great tips/insights.

Side Effects Of Using Kratom And Weed Together

The safe route is experimenting in small amounts. While we’ve talked about the side effects of kratom in previous articles, side effects of kratom and weed are very similar to that of just kratom.

Even with small doses, some people report nausea, that’s the most common side effect users are talking about. Some people have tried marijuana and kratom, they just can’t do it. It makes them nauseous, sick and uncomfortable.

Is Kratom And Weed Too Intense?

If you’ve never tried kratom and weed together (taking kratom, waiting and taking marijuana) most say it starts out slow. You feed the weed kicking in and it the high gets stronger. Some have said it comes on intense but in a good way.

How intense the effects get will again depend on how much kratom you take, how much weed you take and how you consume it.

Why Are Kratom Users Using Marijuana?

It’s a fair question. Most people that take kratom use it for a purpose, although more people are using it recreationally. After you take kratom for some time, you can build a tolerance to it. In short, your kratom doesn’t work as well as it once did.

Some users will try different things to potentiate their kratom, which enhances the effects.

It can be a challenge to control how much kratom you use every single day. Due to this, some are relying on weed to enhance the effects of their kratom.

You also have pot smokes buying kratom to potentiate their weed.

Mixing Weed And Kratom

There’s a lot of ways to mix kratom and marijuana.

As I touched on earlier, the one method that was majority was taking a dose of kratom first and waiting an hour or two to smoke.

A few Reddit users said they enjoy kratom and marijuana edibles.

One user said he adds kratom to his weed and smokes it. If you’re thinking about smoking kratom, just be advised that the resin from the kratom leaf can make it difficult.

Marijuana itself is often called the “gateway” drug, but it is a natural plant. I have friends that smoke to ease their pain because they didn’t want to take a chance of getting addicted to pain pills. I know many people that have switched to kratom versus pain pills. I know people that switched to kratom because it’s not a chemically manufactured pill.

The Last Word

While we don’t have a lot of research on kratom, there’s been a ton of research done on marijuana and how it may help you. We don’t have those for kratom, but we do have a huge kratom community that shares all their stories.

Kratom has helped a lot of people, including myself.

It’s a personal choice you have to make for yourself.

I don’t know anyone that has died from using marijuana. Despite studies say kratom has caused deaths, everyone of them was caused when kratom was took with a dangerous drug. I never recommend taking your kratom with cocaine, heroin or pain pills. Never do that cause you’re asking for trouble.

Have you tried kratom and weed?

Let us know below. As always, if you have any questions, just let us know.

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  • BJ Ross

    I enjoy a little marijuana with my kratom. Have for years. Everyone is different, but I’ve never had a problem using them together. Just be safe, know your body.

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