Smoking Kratom

We’ve been seeing a lot of questions and comments about smoking kratom, so we wanted to make sure our community knew everything that goes along with consuming your kratom in this method. As the popularity of kratom continues to grow, we’re seeing more people experimenting with different ways to take kratom. One of those growing methods is smoking kratom. There’s a lot of questions to get too, so let’s get to it.

What Is Kratom?

First, if you don’t know what kratom is, it’s a tropical tree that originates from Southeast Asia. Also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, kratom has been used for centuries by the ancient tribes and farmers that harvested the kratom tree. While most of the kratom tree is considered useless, the kratom leaves are quite powerful, containing special alkaloids that give kratom the ability to effect you in different ways.

Men and women that take kratom report that it helps with energy, concentration, focus, stress, anxiety, confidence, mood enhancements, pain relief, chronic pain and much more. Looking at the history of kratom, farmers used to chew kratom leaves to get energy. Some reports state that they took it to suppress their appetite too.

Smoking Kratom

In our how to use kratom guide, we discussed several different ways to take kratom. We talk about “toss and wash,” we talk about making a kratom tea, we talk about using kratom capsules, we also talked about smoking kratom too.

So, is smoking kratom safe? Should you be smoking kratom?

While you’re more than welcome to take kratom how you want, I don’t recommend smoking kratom.

What You Should Know Before You Smoke Kratom

To smoke kratom, you have to dry the leaves out, your kratom loses power. Fresh kratom is much better. If you buy kratom from Kratom Exchange, you get fresh kratom. When our kratom reaches a specific shelf life, we give it away as free kratom samples. It’s important to note, old kratom can still pack a bunch but it won’t pack a punch as efficient as fresh kratom.

For people that are looking for that opiate-like euphoria from kratom, many of them think smoking may give it more power.

For example, if you smoke heroin, cocaine, oxycontin, it can force the drug to your brain quicker. This is because smoking pulls the taken substance into your lungs, the chemical is then absorbed by the alveoli, which quickly goes to the brain. Smoking leads to faster highs than snorting and much faster highs than eating or drinking a drug. The only method of substance abuse faster than smoking is injecting the drug directly into your veins.

Smoking kratom would do the same, allowing you to quickly get it into your system. While some of those that smoke kratom claim you get the same effects as eating it or drinking it, some have stated that the effects don’t last as long, some even claim the effects are less.

If you’re a first time kratom user, I certainly wouldn’t recommend this method to start out. No way, I’d recommend toss and wash, making a kratom drink, methods similar to that. Pay attention to your kratom dose when starting out, only starting with 1-2 grams so you can see how you feel on kratom.

How Users Smoke Kratom

There’s a few different ways users smoke kratom.

  • Smoke kratom leaves
  • Smoke kratom powder

Kratom leaves are known for having tar, so if you’re smoking kratom, you can expect that tar to be released in your lungs.

Smoking kratom can lead to additional side effects other than the ones kratom can cause.

Should I Start Smoking Kratom

How you take your kratom is up to you. It’s a personal preference.

Some kratom users started smoking kratom in hopes to increase its effects because they’ve built up a kratom tolerance.

However, there’s other ways to potentiate your kratom.

Again, it’s all about what works for you.

In Closing

Again, personally speaking, I don’t smoke kratom nor would I ever.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, everyone is different. If smoking kratom helps you, I’m glad it does.

Just be aware that smoking can cause a lot of problems as kratom can contain tar.

As always, if you have any questions, be sure to ask. You can always connect with us on our Facebook page too.

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