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NIRVANA Kratom Powder


5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
(2 customer reviews)

Product Description

NIRVANA Kratom is a perfect blend of a red and yellow proprietary kratom powder that transcends into NIRVANA. The effects of NIRVANA Kratom are between red and white strains, giving you the benefits of both the kratom types without any side effects. It may help you create a perfect balance between stress relief, pain management, peace of mind, mood enhancer, and energy boost. A little of this may give you energy, and if you take more, it may provide you with a relaxing serenity. It might take you to the state of NIRVANA, where there is no suffering, sense of self, or desire. NIRVANA kratom is packaged, handled, and tested to ensure it is clean, pure, and unadulterated. Grown organically and free of pesticides and contaminants.

  • A perfect blend of red and yellow kratom powder.
  • Effects are between red and white strains.
  • It may give stress relief, peace of mind and improves mood.
  • Organically grown.
  • Clinically tested for purity.

Additional Information

Weight N/A

28g (1 ounce), 56g (2 ounces), 112g (4 ounces), 224g (8 ounces), 500g (1/2 kilo), 1000 grams ( 1 Kilo)

2 reviews for NIRVANA Kratom Powder

  1. zortilonrel

    Good stuff! I like how Nirvana helps me with anxiety.

  2. Valerie

    Just picked up some Nirvanna last month here. This was my first time trying it out. I actually like it. I was afraid it would be overpowering, but it wasn’t. I use it for anxiety. I always had a tough time going out on my own, but that’s no longer a problem. I’m very socialble with kratom in general, but with the Nirvanna strain, my social anxiety wasn’t a problem. I also enjoy the added energy. Been a great experience. Packaging was secure but plain. Not worried though, the kratom was fresh and that’s a big reason why I’m back for more. This will be my 3rd order.

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