Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, has always been a rather controversial therapeutic plant because of the many misconceptions surrounding it. Kratom users are usually worried about any legal repercussions for using this herb while traveling to a new state. If you are an avid Kratom user, you might be worried about how to get Kratom in Alabama in case of traveling there.

Well, you are worried rightly so. Alabama, known for its lovely Gulf Coast beaches and Birmingham Museum of Art, has completely banned Kratom use and trading for the last seven years. Furthermore, possession of Kratom in Alabama is a serious crime liable to severe punishments. This is the reason that you won’t be able to find Kratom in Alabama legally.

Can You Buy Kratom In Alabama?

No, you can not buy, sell, or possess Kratom in the Heart of Dixie including all of the major counties and cities like Momtogemory, Birmingham, Huntsville, and others.

Looking at the past, Kratom’s legality status in the US constantly seems to be up for questioning. Whether the DEA trying to label it as a Schedule 1 substance in 2016 or the FDA warning US citizens against its potential side effects, we never know what legal conflict has been rolled out for this beneficial botanical.

In 2016, Alabama also ended up on one list of the US states that have completely banned Kratom possession and usage within its borders. Out of the six states to ban this botanical, Alabama was the last and final state.

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What Does The Alabama Law Say About Using Kratom?

Although Kratom was legal to use in the Yellowhammer state before 2016, Senator Steve Levinton and Representative Nathaniel Ledbetter brought it to the attention of the state government to ban Mitragyna in the state.

On 4 May 2016, an amendment in Senate Bill 226 was signed by Governor Robert Bently. The amendment added two of the main Kratom alkaloids, Mitragynine and -hydroxy mitragynine to the list of controlled substances along with LSD, Heroine, MDMA, and other illicit substances.

One important thing to mention is that these two alkaloids are mislabeled as synthetic substances in the bill. This is an incorrect placement as herbal alkaloids are completely natural substances.

What Is The Penalty For Possessing Kratom In Alabama?

Kratom ban is all too real in the state of Alabama with serious consequences if found violating the law. The possession of Kratom within the state borders is a Class C felony.

Carrying Kratom can cause a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $15,000. For second-timers violating the law, the charges can increase up to a jail time of 2-30 years and a fine of up to $30,000.

Moreover, if you are caught distributing Kratom, you are sentenced to 2-20 years of jail time. While, carrying 4 ounces of Kratom can make you liable for drug trafficking, leading to an imprisonment of 3-25 years, and even for a lifetime depending on the quantity of the herb being caught with.

Recently, an Atmore woman, Shaina Megan Brown, aged 34 was also charged with Class A Felony for drug trafficking while possessing 250 grams of Kratom in Alabama. Thereon getting released from jail after almost 9 months, the Kratom community all around the US raised thousands of dollars to support her.

What Are The Kratom-Related Future Predictions For Alabama Residents In 2024?

Although many petitions have been signed in support of legalizing Kratom, none of them has been successful in reversing the ban. The American Kratom Association has also been an avid supporter of Kratom usage considering its multitudes of health benefits.

AKA is also pushing for the approval of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act to regulate its safe usage all over the country. They will address several issues regarding Kratom use like age restrictions, mislabeling Mitragyna products, lab testing, and whatnot. This act can surely promote safe access to the herb to the users and help it remain legalized.

Furthermore, AKA advocates and local Kratom supporters are also trying to get on board with the Alabama officials to clear any misconceptions regarding Mitragyna and help them understand the long-term benefits of adopting KCPA for legalizing Kratom usage in the state.


Kratom’s legality status has been a dwindling issue ever since the DEA raised apprehensions by labeling this botanical as a “drug of concern”. Following the footsteps of states like Indiana and Arkansas, Alabama also banned it in 2016. As of now, you can not possess, buy, or sell Kratom within the state borders without facing any negative consequences.

Despite the state ban, the fact remains that Kratom is a beneficial botanical that should be legalized for its therapeutic use in opioid dependence. Hopefully, with the efforts of the American Kratom Association and Kratom advocates, it might be possible to lift the prohibition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Kratom in Montgomery?

No, Kratom is banned in the state of Alabama, including all cities like Montogomery.

Can I travel through the Cotton State while possessing Kratom?

No, Alabama law severely punishes anyone traveling with controlled substances that include any product containing Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy Mitragynine.

Where to buy Kratom in Alabama?

As of today, Kratom is not available legally anywhere in the state. However, if you are an avid Kratom user, it is best to live in another state to continue its usage without facing any penalties.

Can I get Kratom delivered online at my home in Alabama?

No. No online Kratom vendor delivers in the areas that have outlawed Kratom usage, possession, and trade.

What class of drug is Kratom in Alabama?

According to Alabama law, Kratom alkaloids Mitragynine and 7- HydroxyMitragynine are included in the list of Schedule 1 synthetic controlled substances along with heroin, LSD, and whatnot.

Why is Kratom banned in this state?

The Kratom ban was put forward in 2016 in the Heart of Dixie, after raising concerns over the unregulated production of synthetic substances that can be dangerous to the user’s health. Nonetheless, this is wrong information, as Kratom and its alkaloids are completely natural and organic.

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