Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal

One of the great debates in the kratom community and beyond is whether or not kratom helps with opiate addiction. While health experts continue to dismiss a lot of the benefit of kratom, we’ve heard all of the success stories of opiate addicts switching to kratom and changing their lives.

The feedback we get is so helpful as many of these so called “health experts” are only protecting their investments in pain killers.

Since our launch a few years ago, several of our customers have shared their personal kratom stories and how kratom delivered them from their opiate addictions. We’ve heard stories about men and women taking oxycontin, oxycodone, morphine, even harder drugs like cocaine and morphine.

Opiate Withdrawal

It doesn’t take long to be addicted to opioids.

In the beginning, you’re chasing that “great feeling” opiates give you. You love the energy, how it makes you confident, sociable and fun to be around.

The next thing you know, when you don’t have it, you feel like “hell.” When you don’t have opiates, you get sick, stomach cramps, restless legs, you ache and you can’t sleep. If you’ve been taking opiates for a long duration, you will feel like you’re dying.

Instead of chasing opiates to feel the high, you begin chasing opiates just to function.

Opiate addiction is hell and then some. If you ever wanted to dance with the devil, take some oxy for a few weeks and see how it makes you feel. Seriously, don’t do that, but you already get what we’re saying.

Opiate addiction will ruin your life, so yeah, it’s no wonder addicts are looking for an alternative.

Something Needs To Change

You’ll get to the point where you’ll sell your soul to the devil. You’ll do things you’ve never dreamed of doing, welcome to the worst of addiction.

Nobody wants to be here, NOBODY. You know something needs to change. You need something to give.

By this time, you’ll eventually hit rock bottom. Hopefully, you’re not there yet but the road always leads to the same bottomless pit. The only difference is how long it will take you to get here.

Sure, there’s other drugs out there that you can take, subuxone, subutex, things in that arena. For those that don’t want to trade one pill or another, there’s kratom.

Kratom Was The Answer

I knew I was in trouble, my life went to hell, I searched high and low, I tried so many things to break my addiction. Nothing I tried helped.

Then I found kratom.

My kratom story is like so many other stories I’ve heard about kratom.

Kratom delivered me from that bottomless pit.

It brought me back to life where I was able to forget about opiates forever.

I was able to function, I was able to control my thoughts, my actions, I had total control.

Kratom saved my life. Kratom has saved countless lives and I’m proud of that. That’s why I become such an avid kratom advocate because I experienced it myself.

What The “Health” Experts Say

They say kratom has no benefits.

They say kratom can’t help with opiate withdrawal.

They say kratom is harmful to you.

You know what I say?

Opiates have no benefits, opiates are harmful to you and I’d rather rely on a natural plant versus chemically manufactured death pills.

I don’t know about you, but I have this feeling a plant is far safer than something manufactured in chemicals.

Just like the alcohol and marijuana debate, which is safer? Marijuana. Which causes far less death? Marijuana.

Countless health companies, experts and investors made billions due to the opioid market, they did not care about you.

Is Kratom Addictive?

Everything can be “addictive,” this varies from one person to the next.

There’s no evidence that small doses of kratom has side effects.

Even so, some people abuse kratom too.

We always recommend moderating your kratom dose.

If you’re taking too much kratom, you can get into trouble.

New To Kratom

If this is going to be your first time using kratom, there’s a lot of self-educating you’ll need to do.

There’s a number of different kratom strains. We recommend learning how these kratom strains can make you feel and how they can help.

There’s a lot of ways to take kratom powder, you’ll learn about all of them sooner or later.

It’s common to be scared, unsure, timid, it happens.

The best weapon is educating yourself and experimenting in low dosages.

Where To Buy Kratom

Where you buy your kratom matters. As a trusted kratom vendor, Kratom Exchange is one of the top online kratom shops and we have a wide range of quality kratom for sale.

If you ever have a question about anything related to kratom, be sure to ask.

We’re always here to help.



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