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So, you’re thinking about making kratom capsules or you’re curious about starting to use kratom pills. There’s actually a number of different reasons why someone would want to use kratom capsules.

One of the biggest hurdles of kratom for new users is the taste. When you dose kratom, you have to get creative. I’ve shared my own kratom dosing experience several times in our guides. You likely have your own, remember, it’s all about what works best for you.

For new kratom users, the taste can be a challenge. This is why newbies have turned to kratom capsules and pills. Now, how do I create my own kratom capsules? Well, I’m about to teach you how now.

How To Make Kratom Capsules

Most new kratom users struggle in the beginning because they’re trying to find the best way to take their kratom dose. There’s many ways to take kratom, but if you haven’t found the best way to take it, kratom capsules may be the way to go.

Decide On What Capsules To Use

First things first, you need to choose what type of capsules you’ll be using to make your kratom pills.

Gelatin Capsules – These are quite common, these are made from animal by-products. If you’re one that has allergies, be aware this could stir them up or worse.

Veggie Capsules – These are the capsules I recommend, their non-GMO, gluten free, veggie friendly, ect. They dissolve quicker than gelatin capsules.

While veggie caps are more expensive, they’re totally worth the investment. They’re the better option for kratom capsules.

Choosing Your Kratom Capsules

Now that you know which capsules to use for kratom, you’re going to have to figure out the exact size you want your kratom capsules to be.

Capsules come in a wide range of sizes, so each size fits a specific amount of kratom.

  • Capsule Size 000 – One capsule fits one gram of kratom
  • Capsule Size 00 – One capsule fits 0.735 grams of kratom
  • Capsule Size 0 – One capsule fits 0.5 grams of kratom
  • Capsule Size 1 – One capsule fits 0.4 grams of kratom
  • Capsule Size 2 – One capsule fits 0.3 grams of kratom

Now, what you have to think about is your kratom dose. Depending on how much kratom you’re taking, you could end up having to swallow a lot of kratom capsules to get your dose.

You also have to remember, you’re going to be the one filling these capsules with kratom.

Kratom capsules are not hard to make. If you don’t like the taste of kratom, kratom capsules are a great solution. Sure, it takes time and patience, but it’s well deserved.

Completing Your Kratom Capsules

Here’s what you’ll need to fill your kratom capsules.

  • Capsule Filling Machine – This makes it a lot easier to fill your kratom capsules. If this is going to be your main kratom dosage method, I’d go ahead and buy one.
  • Tamper – If you buy a capsule filling machine, it will likely come with a tamper. If not, you’ll need it to pack your capsule tight.
  • Weighing Scale – You’ll want to make sure you’re steady with your kratom dose. Having a weight scale will allow you to ensure your capsules have the right amount of kratom.
  • Capsules – Then of course, make sure you have your capsules and kratom.

A Few More Things To Consider

  • Some kratom capsules can have tops, just take them off. Just make sure you put them back on before you take it.
  • Many kratom capsule users recommend having parchment paper to put under you to catch your kratom. I’ve used many things, paper, zip lock baggies, even a bowl. I’ve also did this on my table. You don’t have to go as far as using parchment paper, but you also don’t want to lose your kratom powder.
  • When you’re filling kratom capsules, use a little big at a time. You can use your tamper to pack the capsule tight. Use it at least twice per capsule to really pack it in.

It can sound like a lot of work and it will take time. However, if you can’t stand the taste of kratom, this is a great solution.

The Downside

When you look at the negatives to making kratom capsules, there’s a few I want to point out.

Time – It does take time to make your kratom capsules. This is the biggest downfall.

Delayed Response – The biggest negative is the added length of time that it takes for you to get your kratom experience. It’s going to take a little longer to enjoy your kratom this way. However, the capsule can dissolve in 10-45 minutes depending on which you take. 

In Closing

Is kratom caps for you? You’ll have to figure that one out on your own. I know some users that swear by it and others that would never get caught with a kratom pill. It’s all about you and if it works for you.

Again, if you can’t stand the taste, this is a solution. It’s one that’s worth exploring.

You may also want to consider making kratom tea. A lot of kratom users use kratom as a tea and swear by it. You can also check these tips for using your kratom powder.

Everyone is different and reacts to kratom differently. What works for you may not work for another. If you want to try kratom capsules, go for it! It could be an awesome experience! You’ll never know if you don’t try.

If you’re new to kratom, check out how kratom may help you. You may also want to see if kratom is legal in your state.

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