Benefits of Kratom

Kratom Benefits: How Can Kratom Help Me?

How Kratom Can Help You

While mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) is well known in Southeastern Asia and surrounding areas, it has become hugely popular here in the United States. While I’m sure there’s a hundred reasons why, I’m quite sure one of the main reasons is because kratom is beneficial.

We can learn a lot just by studying the history of kratom. Kratom has a number of different benefits that everyday men and women are looking to have themselves. While kratom’s popularity in the West is new, it has been around for many centuries. The ancient tribes already know all the amazing benefits kratom can help you with. If you do your research, there’s plenty of evidence of all the great things kratom can do for you.

Does Kratom Really Have Benefits?

While kratom is not approved by the FDA, thousands of kratom users have expressed how kratom has helped them. This is why so many people in the U.S. are buying kratom. As more people learn how kratom may be able to help with the problems they face, we’re seeing millions of men and women all over the country find uses for kratom.

Thanks to the American Kratom Association and research, we’re seeing the scientific benefits of how kratom can help a person.

(1) Pain Relief

One of the most common health benefits kratom can help you with is pain relief. Kratom contains alkaloids, which provide a similar effect to pain relief as morphine or oxycodone. The big difference is that kratom doesn’t contain the chemicals that causes addiction. We know several people that have said kratom helped their chronic pain.

The alkaloids act on your opiate receptors in your central nervous system, which enhances the release of endorphins and enkephalins which numb the body’s pain receptors. This is how it can help you relieve pain. 

If you do suffer from pain and you’re tired of taking pain pills, you need to check this out. The Top Kratom For Relieving Pain

(2) Reducing Stress, Anxiety And Depression

If you suffer from anxiety, stress or depression, kratom can help calm your nerves and settle you down. As a psychostimulant, it releases serotonin and endorphins that makes your mood better.

Kratom works by calming your mind, helping your mind rest at ease. It’s know to help social anxiety, improve confidence, even alleviating insomnia, sweating, muscle cramps, hyperventilation and heart palpitations.

What’s incredible is that kratom has been recommended for men and women suffering from PTSD. We have several customers that are vets and they’re doing well with kratom. It helps with chronic stress, panic attacks, even mood swings too.

While some kratom strains are stronger than others, some are specific to relieving stress and anxiety. It’s super important you learn about all the kratom strains.

(3) More Motivation

When your opioid receptors are activated, you feel more motivated to accomplish task, goals and activities. You do get a “rush” which will give you energy like you’ve never had it before. There’s a reason, it activates your sympathetic nerves. The dopamine release will have you ready to go!

(4) More Focus And Clarity

Kratom contains 7-hydroxy mitragyine, mitragyine and alakaloids, which help you work longer and harder. You’ll even notice more focus, clarity and some have stated even more creativity. It acts with your opiate receptors in your brain and periphery.

With the release of serotonin and dopamine, you’ll be able to focus better, have better attention and more willing to get things done.

(5) Promoting Heart Health

Kratom leaves have a wide variety of benefits when it comes to heart health. It’s well known to lower your blood pressure. We know that it can also ease tension in your cardiovascular system, which is important in reducing heart attacks and strokes.

(6) Better Sleep

Deep sleep is very beneficial to your body. Kratom is well known for helping you sleep better for longer. A deeper sleep is going to allow you to wake feeling fresh and ready to go. Kratom can also help with sleep disorders, such as night terrors and insomnia.

(7) Great For Sex

Kratom has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, which makes it perfect for treating sexual disorders in both men and women, such as low libido or erectile dysfunction.

(8) Inflammation Fighter

While most people don’t know this but it’s inflammation that hurts the body. Kratom is a great anti-inflammatory agent. Kratom contains both alkaloids and mitragynine, which have both been proven to reduce inflammation. Due to this, it’s often recommended for arthritis, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

(9) Helps With Weight Loss

While it’s not particularly known Kratom can help with weight loss in a number of different ways. Some kratom strains make you more active, enhances your mood to do things. On the other side, some kratom helps to reduce the amount of food you eat.

(10) Help With Fatigue

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, kratom can help. Kratom can help improve your oxygen levels in your blood and help with circulation. Since it also boost your metabolic processes, it can help give you boost of energy.

How Do I Take Kratom?

There’s a number of different ways you can take kratom powder. The preference is up to you. Users can take kratom by;

Is Kratom Addictive?

Everyone is different. Yes, you can build a tolerance to kratom. Some people have learned how to make kratom more effective.

No, kratom doesn’t contain the exact same chemicals and properties found in opioids. Some people do abuse kratom, others do not.

If you’re taking the proper kratom dosages, 1-3 grams at a time, there’s going to be little to no side effects at all. If you consume too much kratom, it’s possible you can get addicted.

While we don’t have long-term studies, we can look at the Thai culture and see kratom is safe.

Check this our though: Is Kratom Addictive?

Is Kratom Legal?

Here in the United States, kratom is legal but not in Vermont, Indiana, Arkansas, Rhode Island and Wisconsin. *(This is always changing, so be sure to double check)

The FDA wants to ban kratom. In 2016, the DEA moved to temporarily classify two psychoactive chemicals found in kratom as Schedule I drugs but later withdrew this action, saying more research was needed regarding the risks associated with kratom use.

Thanks to the support of the kratom community, we’ve been able to keep kratom legal but the battle is never over.

The FDA reported in 2017 that kratom caused 36 deaths. However, it was found that all 36 deaths were because kratom was took with a controlled substance. You should never take kratom with other drugs, especially controlled substances.

Buying Kratom

You do want to make sure you’re being safe buying kratom. If you’re going to buy kratom online, make sure it’s from a trusted kratom vendor like Kratom Exchange.

Here at Kratom Exchange, we’ve served over 10K customers. We continue to be one of kratom’s biggest supporters and we’re a proud member of the kratom community.

While every kratom vendor wants new customers, we also want you to be safe and enjoy your experience with kratom.

If you ever have a question about kratom or a particular kratom strain, be sure to let us know! We’re always here to help.

Some Kratom Powders We Recommend

In closing, there’s several kratom powders we recommend and each of these can present specific effects.

Red Kratom

Green Kratom

White Kratom

Yellow Kratom

Remember, each kratom strain has different properties and can effect your experience with kratom. Take the time to see what specific benefits each kratom may give you before you buy your kratom powder. There’s a ton of great information out there, but there’s also a lot of bad.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult with a healthcare professional before using Green Malay Kratom or any herbal supplement.

You can also join us on Facebook where we’re always sharing research done on kratom.

Again, if you have any questions, just let us know!


About Eric Rollings

An advocate and enthusiast of natural remedies, first discovered kratom nine years ago when searching for solutions to his social anxiety and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Struggling with these challenges led him to explore alternative treatments, ultimately finding comfort in the traditional Southeast Asian botanical, kratom. Since then, Eric has dedicated himself to understanding and promoting the responsible use of this herbal supplement. His personal journey has inspired him to engage with various communities, sharing his knowledge and experience, and he has become a respected figure in the field. Through seminars, writings, and active participation in online forums, Eric continues to spread awareness of kratom, hoping to assist others who face similar struggles. His passion and dedication have made him a prominent voice in the natural health community.

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