Although Kratom is legal at a federal level, you still can not possess or use Kratom everywhere in the US. Several states and counties have outlawed Mitragynine speciosa locally which has made users wary of using it in any place. 

Considering just last year lawmakers in Georgia were also contemplating banning this drug, the dwindling state of Kratom legislation in The Peach State is also a matter of concern for many users. Georgia, known for its beautiful coastal beaches, mountainous terrain, and lush green farmlands, is the 8th most populous state. The Empire State of the South boosts good agricultural production and is a leading state for corporate headquarters like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Jimmy Carter, and whatnot.

Is It Legal To Use Kratom In Georgia?

If you are residing in Georgia or traveling to this state, one particular question must be bothering you. 

Can you use Kratom in Georgia? 

Well, if you are older than 18, you can use, possess, sell, or buy this herb with absolutely no worry. 

However, it wasn’t that simple before. Georgia residents have to fight this legality battle several times to get to the point, where they are allowed to use Kratom with only age limitations and some regulations in place.

Kratom Legislation In Georgia

The first attempt to ban Kratom in Georgia was made in 2017, when legislators presented House Bill 783 which proposed to add Kratom to the list of Designer Drugs. Designer drugs are those substances that can structurally and functionally mimic the effects of original illegal drugs. 

Although this bill died soon after, another attempt to outlaw this herb was made yet again in 2018 resulting in the formation of the House Study Committee (Georgia HR1160) to evaluate the risks associated with Kratom. Despite, it didn’t conclude with any legislative change, this wasn’t the end of this Kratom legality debate in Georgia.

2019 proved to be a good year for Kratom users, as its supporters and advocates successfully fought for the approval of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) and made it into law on April 24, 2019. This act makes sure that Miyragyna is carefully regulated for users’ safety. 

Even with the KCPA in effect, yet another attempt to ban Kratom in Georgia was made by the Republican State Representative Rick Townsend on Feb 13, 2023. The presented House Bill 181 suggested the addition of Kratom to the list of Schedule 1 controlled substances. 

However, several supporters along with the American Kratom Association testified in favor of Kratom and described its many positive uses that helped it remain legal in The Peach State. 

“It’s a harm reduction tool for people with discomfort issues and frankly, people trying to wean off of illicit drugs… this bill would open up a black market, Georgians will die,” said Mac Haddow, a senior fellow at AKA, in opposition of the bill that can result in a felony for using this beneficial herb.

Regardless, the bill was rejected and Kratom remains legal in the state for anyone older than 18 years of age. 

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Georgia Kratom Consumer Protection Act  

Georgia was the second state to put regulations in place for Kratom use, marketing, and trading in the form of KCPA. The first state, Utah also approved this act for the welfare of Mitragyna users, earlier in 2019.  

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is a set of rules and regulations that ensures safety measures in selling and using Kratom products. It not only includes age restrictions but also imposes standards for proper labeling and distribution of products.

Georgia’s version of KCPA has the following regulations in place:

  • Minors, i.e. anyone under the age of 18 can not possess or buy Kratom. If they do, they can be guilty of a misdemeanor. 
  • All Kratom products must have their ingredients clearly labeled in a common language, in descending order of predominance. 
  • Concentrations of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine should be mentioned on the packaging. 
  • Usage directions, safety guidelines, and age restrictions must be mentioned on the labels. 
  • The name, contact number, and mailing address of the manufacturer should be provided on the label.

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Can Kratom Remain Legal In Georgia In The Coming Years Also?

Although Kratom is heavily regulated in this state, some lawmakers still believe that KCPA here is not as strict as the other states like Utah and Nevada. Not only is the age limit higher, i.e., 21 years, but their law completely prohibits the selling of Mitragyna products that have any contaminants or synthetic alkaloids, and also limits the amount of 7-HydroxyMitragynine to only 2% or less. 

Moreover, Utah’s law makes it compulsory for all types of Kratom products to be registered with the Department of Agriculture. Unfortunately, there are no such legislations in place here that make the users extra cautious about judging the safety of the product. 

Just last year, there was a huge uproar about getting Kratom completely banned. Nonetheless, AKA and Kratom advocates’ testaments helped save it in The Peach State. The good thing is that legislators have toned down House Bill 181 and asked for more strict regulatory measures than the current KCPA, like increasing the age limit, mandating the manufacturers to register with the state, selling the herb in a locked glass case or behind the counter. 

This bill is more in line with the original KCPA proposed by the American Kratom Association. If it gets approved, it can not only benefit the Kratom users in Georgia infinitely but also help the Kratom remain legal. 


Kratom is gaining immense popularity day by day. With its rising fame, many state legislators are also finding faults in it due to misinformation and negative propaganda, and are on the lookout to outlaw this herb. 

The good thing is that people are more aware than ever now and actively promote regulating it, rather than an outright ban. In Georgia also, Kratom is being regulated which has made the users safer and sellers careful of selling any subpar products. 


Can You Travel With Kratom In Georgia?

Although Kratom is legal in The Empire State, one of its neighboring states, Alabama, has completely banned the herb. If you are residing in the western part of Georgia and intend to travel near the peripheries, it will be best to not carry Mitragyna. 

Can You Be Punished If You Buy Kratom While Being A Minor?

Kratom law in this state clearly states that possession, transfer, or selling of Kratom to anyone less than 18 years of age will be guilty of a misdemeanor. It means that if you are convicted of this crime, it can make you liable to a fine of up to $1000, jail time of up to 1 year, or both.


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