Florida, a state renowned for its diverse culture and dynamic legislative landscape, has become a focal point in the ongoing debate surrounding the legality of Kratom. Since the interest in Kratom continues to grow, it has become more important than ever to understand the current legal status in Florida. In this post, we will go over the Kratom legality in Florida, the Florida Kratom Consumer Protection Act, and where you can buy it.

Is Kratom Legal In Florida: Everything You Need To Know

Is Kratom legal in Florida? Long story short, the answer is yes. If you are a resident of the Sunshine State, you will be pleased to know that it is legal to purchase Kratom in Florida except in one county. The only area of Florida where purchasing and consuming it is prohibited in Sarasota.


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Legality Situation In Florida Counties

While possession and use of Kratom in Florida is lawful in all counties except for Sarasota, there have been recurrent attempts to make it illegal throughout the years. House Bill 183 attempted to classify the sale, production, or importation of Kratom as a minor offense back in 2017.

Another attempt to outlaw Kratom was made by Senate Bill 424. Both bills were not approved, and most counties continued to allow the plant.

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Sarasota County

Sarasota County enacted an ordinance in January 2014 outlawing the possession, use, sale, and purchase of Kratom. As per the law, people who violate this law will get a $500 maximum fine, and these acts of violation will be classified as misdemeanors.

However, Sarasota County’s ban, like many other Kratom prohibitions, is based on misinformation. It is incorrect for the Sarasota County Municipal Code to arbitrarily label Kratom as a “designer drug.” If purchased from a trustworthy vendor, Kratom is an adultered herb that is natural and organic.

Immediately after the Sarasota County Kratom ban was enacted, Kratom enthusiasts started a  Change.org petition to override it. More than 600 people signed the petition, but it wasn’t enough to reverse the Kratom ban in the County.

St. Johns County

Other counties in Florida have attempted to outlaw Kratom besides Sarasota County. Although St. Johns County considered it as well, the ban was never put into effect.

In early 2019, a task force advocated for a Kratom prohibition, and the topic was discussed in a St. Johns County Commissioners meeting. However, after over twenty Kratom users shared their positive experiences with medicinal Kratom and the advantages it provided, the Commissioners unanimously decided to reverse the proposed prohibition. Given the advocates’ own positive experiences and the complete lack of proof provided by the task force, commissioners decided to overturn the proposed bill.

St. John’s County’s Kratom incident is a victory of grassroots activism over false information. It serves as a strong message for people to raise their voices in favor of unadulterated and all-natural legal Kratom.

Lee County

Although Kratom is entirely legal in Lee County, Florida, a group did bring it to law enforcement officers’ attention back in 2021. However, the officers were mostly unconvinced by the collective’s appeals for restrictions on the usage of Kratom.

Law enforcement officers stated that Kratom ought to be outlawed at the state level, but they made no move to enact a local prohibition. State Chairperson Vicky Rose, on the other hand, was strongly against any suggestion of a ban.

No formal pleas for Kratom have been received since the 2021 meeting, and county legislators have continued to defer to the state over what course of action to pursue. As of right now, kratom is still permitted in the majority of the state including Lee County.

Where And How To Buy Kratom In Florida?

Can you buy Kratom in Florida? Yes. As per the Kratom sales law in Florida, you can purchase it everywhere except for the Sarasota county. But where and how to buy it when visiting the orange state.

Avoiding local head shops is probably your best bet to get Kratom in Florida because they get their product from online merchants and brand it. Head shops put profit ahead of product quality, putting low-cost items in danger of contamination. Purchase it from reliable online Kratom vendors in Florida who are recognized by the American Kratom Association (AKA) to assure secure and premium transactions. The stores that sell Kratom locally source their supplies from online Kratom dealers. However, not all merchants are approved by the AKA.

What Does The Future Hold?

Since another bill aimed at limiting Kratom’s use failed to pass in April 2022, it seems like Kratom is here to stay in Florida. Motions on Senate Bill 1076 began in January 2022. It aimed to outlaw the selling of kratom to Floridians who were younger than 21.

The only area in the state where Kratom is still prohibited is Sarasota County, although this might not stay the same forever. There have been a few small-scale demonstrations and pro-legalization petitions in the county.

However, the current laws have not yet been sufficiently repealed by any efforts. It’s unlikely that Sarasota’s restriction will be lifted without the permission of the Food and Drug Administration.

Final Word

Thanks for making it till the end as we wrap up our discussion of Kratom legality in Florida! So, what’s the lowdown?

Well, good news—Kratom is mostly legal for buying and use in the Sunshine State. But there is always a but! While it is lawful to use Kratom in the majority of Florida, this is not the case in Sarasota County, at least for now. We are hoping things will change in the near future. For now, steer clear of Kratom if you are in the county.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Legal Age To Purchase And Use Kratom In Florida?

As per the Florida Kratom Consumer Protection Act, an individual must be 21 years old to purchase, possess, and use Kratom in the state. 

Do I Need a Prescription To Buy Kratom In Florida?

No. Since Kratom is legal throughout Florida, except for the Sarasota county, you don’t need a medical prescription to purchase it. 

Can I Travel With Kratom In Florida?

Yes, you can travel with Kratom within the state of Florida. However, it’s advisable to check local regulations when traveling to different states or counties. 


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