How To Check Your Kratom Is High-Quality?

Kratom is a popular herb used for centuries and is gaining in popularity as a natural alternative for pain and depression.  

People who buy Kratom online are often met with multiple websites offering varying extract strengths or product quality, which can be daunting to those new to Kratom. Here we take you through some steps you can take before purchasing to ensure your Kratom is high-quality.

When attempting to buy the best Kratom for pain and depression online, customers face a fundamental problem: how can they tell if they are receiving high-quality or low-quality Kratom? Kratom is a herbal plant that has been used for medicinal purposes. 

The solution is not as simple as one may think. Why? Because sellers operating online do not adhere to the quality standards that are generally accepted in the business. 

The United States federal government does not mandate uniform lab testing standards for kratom products because it is unwilling to regulate Kratom in the same way it regulates other useful substances. 

Instead, the majority of responsibility for quality control is assigned to those who sell Kratom; these are the same individuals and organizations who profit from the plant’s rising popularity.

But what does any of this have to do with the quality of the Kratom that you are purchasing? Everything!

Because you are a user of Kratom, it is your responsibility to look out for your health and safety. In this case, buying Kratom from trusted internet sellers like Kratom Exchange is the way to go. 

Along with other online marketplaces that have earned the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, we go the extra mile to ensure that customers receive Kratom of the highest quality. 

The American Kratom Association (AKA), a group that advocates for the legalization of Kratom and the safety of kratom products across the US, is the organization that bestows GMP certifications. 

These are the measures that government agencies are unwilling to take to protect the kratom sector, so we have taken them on our own:

  • All kratom products, batches, and more will be subjected to comprehensive laboratory testing.
  • Accurate product labeling and marketing: you have a right to expect to receive the value you pay.
  • The pricing will be kept low to ensure that everyone has access to Kratom, which is safe and of great quality.
  • Observe the appropriate storage procedures to maintain the items’ level of freshness.
  • Responsible distribution practices.

It just so happens that these are the exact criteria that you, as a buyer, should be looking for to discriminate between high- and low-quality kratom products or any other supplements. 

Many kratom vendors who cannot be trusted take advantage of the plant’s popularity as a homeopathic remedy to make money. First, this is in direct opposition to everything that Kratom stands for. 

When the quality of Kratom is low, the advantages are also low. It’s possible that consuming low-quality kratom products could harm your health.

Here’s what to do:

1) Find out what type of extraction methods have been used on the raw material; this will help determine the quality of any finished products that may be present. For example, you may see extractions listed as “water” or “alcohol” extracted.

2) Find out if your desired Kratom product has been enhanced and what the enhancement is. Many vendors list this information on their websites, but it can be hard to find. Some of these enhancements may benefit you, and some may not. For example, many vendors add mitragynine to their green strains, which is the active alkaloid in Kratom and provides the greatest efficacy in pain relief and energy boosting – but it might not necessarily provide any additional benefits for you if you are looking for something that helps with anxiety or sleep.

3) You can better understand how much you should be paying for Kratom by looking at the prices offered by other GMP-certified vendors who sell inexpensive Kratom. We recently revised our pricing structure to align it with the current GMP-certified vendor criteria. If other kratom vendors are unwilling to do the same, it’s possible that your health and well-being aren’t the primary concern for them.

4) Lab testing assures that kratom products contain just Kratom. However, further quality control steps are required. Packaging, labeling, and marketing are simple ways to distinguish between low- and high-quality Kratom.

5) Pay close attention to the label the next time you purchase from your preferred online kratom retailer. Do you know the harvest date of your Kratom? Where was it transformed into kratom powder? Is it easy to access the results of third-party lab testing?

6) Does the vendor provide clear information on which strains are included in the product? Also, does the website have kratom reviews from customers who have used their products? This can help determine if the vendor is a trusted one that you can trust with your health and well-being.

7) Find out how other people experienced using Kratom and how it helped them. Don’t forget to read through customer feedback forums to see what users think of the strain you are considering buying.

The Bottom Line!

It is easy to find out what the best kratom companies are. It takes a little research and attention, but it is possible to do so. You can also narrow your search by identifying which vendors are GMP-accredited and placing your order from them. Kratom Exchange is the one-stop solution for all your Kratom needs!

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