How Should I Pronounce Kratom?

From where do you buy Kratom– Online or Offline? No matter what is your source for purchasing the best Kratom for pain and depression, one thing is sure– you struggle while pronouncing it. Or, maybe you never gave a sincere thought about pronunciation. After all, you love Kratom for its benefits. You enjoy its experience. 

But don’t you want to know the correct way of pronouncing your best buddy?

Maybe yes or maybe no! 

Well, you have read many articles and blogs about Kratom’s benefits, features, and classifications. There is a blog about every kratom strain, including its pros and cons. You can also find suggestions and tips on maximizing the benefits of kratom strains. So, why not take a break from those regular kratom blogs and learn how to pronounce it correctly?

Excited? Let’s begin!

Wait, What is Kratom?

We can not move ahead without giving our new and future kratom users a heads up. One question that always pops in your mind is– what is Kratom? While there can be many extensive and comprehensive definitions and introductions about the substance, we will cover it concisely.

Kratom, the native herb from the lands of SouthEast Asia, grown abundantly in the islands of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, is well known for its medicinal and relaxing properties. But are these benefits real?

The answer to this question is backed by scientific evidence, which states that Kratom has potential benefits. It may help you sleep better and relax. It may also help people suffering from anxiety and stress. It might be a better alternative to coffee for its good energy-boosting properties. What’s more? Kratom users also report Kratom may have skincare benefits owing to its anti-inflammatory properties.

How to consume Kratom

Consuming Kratom is easy and yet complicated. Why? Because one has to be conscious about the dosage. For example, a beginner must start with a low dosage and gradually increase the dose to higher amounts. Doing this helps a user’s body adapt to the effects of Kratom. 

Also, Kratom offers its users the freedom to choose from various strain options. You can try Green, white, and red vein kratom strains, which are further subcategorized into different strains. Another advantage that Kratom offers– different forms of consumption. That is, you can consume Kratom as powder and capsules. The traditional method was to brew the kratom leaves into a nice tea. You can try kratom tea or buy a pack of kratom gummies.

Not only this, there’s a lot of DIY scope with Kratom. You can make kratom smoothies, pancakes, pasta, and much more.

*Check out Kratom Exchange’s blog section for more information.

How to Pronounce Kratom

Finally, to the main answer. Kratom, for sure, is the fastest growing herbal substance making the health and wellness industry crave more. Despite its popularity, many may still mispronounce Kratom and its scientific name (Mitragyna Speciosa). 

According to Oxford English Dictionary, you can pronounce Kratom in two ways–


Kratom is commonly pronounced in this way. It may sound like stratum or atom if you compare it to other words.


It is a slightly long way of pronouncing Kratom. It may sound like pray, way, or stay to some. These are American pronunciations of Kratom.

How to pronounce Mitragyna Speciosa

Pronouncing the scientific name Mitragyna Speciosa may feel a little harder than Kratom. Plus, many people are unaware of the name of Kratom. However, it is a globally recognized scientific name for Kratom. You can pronounce the first word in two ways–

  • MY-tra-ginah
  • ME-tra-ginah

Whereas the second part goes quickly as speciosa only and will come out intuitively. The first half of the name comes from the alkaloids present in Kratom, like mitragynine; on the other hand, speciosa means brilliant. Hence the name.

Which pronunciation is correct

There are many different ways to pronounce Kratom. While you may choose to pronounce it per the dictionary or how locals in southeast Asia pronounce it, all pronunciations are equally valid. When you pronounce Kratom, there is no objective concept; all you must remember is its variations.

How to buy Kratom

You can buy Kratom online from our website. We have a myriad of kratom varieties available for our customers. Plus, we take complete care of customer satisfaction and source our Kratom from legit and proper sources. You can buy kilos of Kratom or choose to try the free kratom samples first– your choice.


As per reports, Kratom is known to have a potential multitude of health and wellness benefits. But one can enjoy benefits only if they buy Kratom from a credible and reputed seller like Kratom Exchange. So, if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits from your kratom dose, make sure you buy quality Kratom and select the strain that best fits your purpose. 

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