Everything You Need To Know About Experiencing Stimulation From Kratom

Around 3-5 million Americans are using kratom at the publishing of this article. Despite what you might’ve heard, kratom isn’t just used as a strong painkiller–you can also use kratom for recreation.

Experiencing stimulation from kratom is exciting. You might even find yourself feeling a sense of euphoria while using it.

Don’t know how to get started? Here’s everything you need to know about using kratom for fun:

What Exactly is Kratom?

Before you start using kratom, it’s important to know what it actually is.

Kratom is a tree that’s found in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and New Guinea. People have been using kratom for centuries in religious ceremonies, and to treat certain conditions. It can reach heights of 25 meters tall and has leaves that are about the size of a typical man’s hand.

Get Stimulation From Kratom

Many users find that they start feeling the effects of kratom about 5-15 minutes after taking it. The feeling can last for around 2-5 hours, but it all depends on how much kratom you decide to take. If this is your first time taking kratom, you should start out slow and at a low dose as you don’t know how it will effect you. Give it 30-45 minutes total to kick in at a low dose, which would be 1-2 grams.

So, what does kratom feel like and what does kratom do? After taking kratom, people find that they experience some of these effects:

  • less anxiety
  • sleepiness
  • reduced pain
  • relaxation
  • euphoria

In addition to feeling the benefits that kratom brings, you might also find yourself being more friendly and having more energy. The reason you might feel some of these effects is because of the opioid compounds in kratom’s leaves. Our brain interprets kratom the same way it would interpret opioids like morphine.

How to Take Kratom

You can take kratom in many different ways. It all comes down to your personal preference and comfort with the herb.

1. Wash It Down

You can take kratom by holding liquid in your mouth, pouring in kratom powder, swishing it around your mouth, and then swallowing the mixture. If you’re a beginner, you should try this with smaller amounts of kratom first.

2. Quid

Chew on fresh kratom leaves, and don’t swallow your saliva. This is a quick way to feel the effects of kratom because it doesn’t involve the digestive tract. This method isn’t very popular in the Western world, as there aren’t many fresh leaves.

3. Take a Pill

If you’re reluctant to taste kratom’s flavor, then you might be better off taking kratom capsules. Taking kratom in pill-form is simple and fast, especially if you need some stimulation when you’re out of the house.

4. Sip Some Tea

You can always try to relax with some kratom-infused tea. All you have to do is combine kratom with hot water, filter out any extra leaves, and drink the remaining liquid. However, you might not experience kratom’s full-fledged effects in tea form.

5. Combine It

Combining kratom powder with smoothies or milkshakes is a fun and tasty way to use kratom. You can also sprinkle kratom in honey, applesauce, or yogurt to mask the taste of kratom.

6. Make Paste

You also have the option of making paste from your kratom powder. Just take some powdered kratom, put it in a bowl, and pour some water in it. Once you stir it and the water has been absorbed, it’s ready to consume.

Scoop some of the paste into your mouth, and swallow it down with a drink of water. Repeat this until you have finished the whole dose.

7. Make Slurry

Opt to make slurry if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to take kratom. Add the kratom powder to water and stir. Make sure that the powder is suspended and drink it right away.

An average dose of kratom will only need about one cup of water added. You can drink some juice afterward or chew on some mint gum if you’re not a fan of kratom’s taste.

Kratom Dosages

You’ll experience different effects from kratom depending how much you take. Smaller amounts of kratom can stimulate you, making you more social and alert. If you take a higher amount, you’ll likely feel sedated and experience less pain.

Most kratom users only need about 1/2 to 3 teaspoons of powder to get the result they want. There are different strains and veins of kratom powder, and each has their own effects.

If you’re looking for the best kratom to use as an opiate stimulant, try taking some of these strains:

After taking one of these varieties, you’ll likely feel more stimulated, energetic, productive, as well as sociable. Play around with the dosage amount and see what’s right for you.

For more on dosing your kratom, check this out: Guide To Dosing Your Kratom

How To Avoid Tolerance

You should be aware that your body can develop a tolerance to kratom if you use it too much. When your brain constantly has high levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, it won’t respond to it anymore.

Try to spread out your dosages. This makes the alkaloid levels in your brain go back to normal, which makes tolerance unlikely. If you take kratom one time or less in a day, you can ensure that you don’t develop a tolerance.

Taking kratom in small amounts can also decrease the likelihood of tolerance. It’s also suggested that you switch up the strain of kratom that you take. Try to take a different strain each day so that the alkaloid levels in your brain fluctuate.

Is Kratom Legal?

Kratom’s legality varies across the United States. While some states and cities have put a ban on it, others have kept it legal.

If you’re in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, or Wisconsin, kratom is considered an illegal substance. Sarasota County in Florida, as well as San Diego, California has also put a ban on kratom.

Make sure you check your state’s regulations before you start using kratom.

Finding the Right Kratom

Using kratom recreationally can be thrilling. You might be able to experience an energized, and talkative feeling that comes from taking a scoop of kratom powder.

In order to achieve stimulation from kratom, you have to make sure that you purchase high-quality kratom. At Kratom Exchange, we offer you some of the best kratom at affordable prices. Before you begin to buy kratom, be sure to educate yourself. Check out the variety of kratom strains we offer at our kratom store.

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