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It is with good reason that Maeng Da Kratom has become so popular in the States over recent years. This amazing natural leaf, hailing from the beautiful, tropical landscapes of Southeast Asia and a direct member of the coffee family, is helping people for a wide range of quite remarkable reasons.

People simply can’t get enough of the stuff. Millions worldwide are benefiting from the unique properties of the many varieties available, with Maeng Da Kratom among the most popular of them all.

Why Is Kratom So Popular?

The kratom tree has historical ties to Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, where, for centuries, the kratom leaf has been as normal as coffee. But over the past few decades, there’s been an increasing range of interest in kratom throughout the Western world. Esepcialy Green Maeng Da Kratom.

The popularity owes mainly to kratom’s main alkaloids – mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine – which manifest in ways that are considered extremely beneficial by many (although there is no actual scientific proof behind those benefits). 

In the most basic of terms, the mitragyna alkaloids hit the brain’s opioid receptors, resulting in an uplifting, relaxing, or energetic mood lift, depending on which type of kratom strain and variety is consumed.

However, while the opioid-like effects are desirable to many, kratom is not actually an opioid. The molecules just happen to form a similar molecular shape, resulting in effects that might be described as similar in nature, albeit less intense.

For this reason, the usual dangers commonly associated with some prescribed pharmaceuticals are not evident in this cherished, organic, perfectly natural plant.

What Are Those Benefits?

The kratom plant has long been researched for its potential therapeutic benefits, although there are no ‘official’ medical studies offering conclusive evidence of any benefits, per se. It should be noted that any ‘apparent benefits’ are purely anecdotal.

These anecdotal benefits have become a subject of heated debate among experts. Despite the official medical establishment chatter – and whichever side of the medical fence you are on – actual kratom users insist that it helps them abundantly. 

Most of the positive feedback speaks to effects including discomfort relief, increased energy, improved mental well-being, and increased mental focus. Again, no concrete evidence exists to suggest that Kratom helps with pain relief, but the anecdotal evidence for pain relief is widely reported among its users and extremely hard to ignore.

Beyond those reasons, kratom has also been speculated by many to relieve opioid withdrawal symptoms. Maeng Da Kratom, in particular, has become a favored strain for opioid addicts seeking relief during withdrawal, although all strains share a similar end result to a certain degree.

So, on that note, what exactly are the different strains? And how does Maeng Da Kratom fit into them all?

Kratom Products and Strains

The first thing you should know is that the kratom leaf is naturally green in color. However, the leaf veins present in red, green, white, and yellow colors, depending on when the leaves are harvested. An early harvest, for example, results in a white vein, while a later harvest gives you a darker red vein.

So, when you see various colors for sale, it all relates to the veins and not the actual leaf, which is always green.

In addition to the vein color, another contributing factor to the different types of kratom relates to the country in which the leaf was harvested. These usually comprise exotic-sounding names like Red Bali Kratom, White Borneo, and Green Malay.

Put those elements together – the different vein colors and harvesting regions – and you have around a dozen different commercial kratom products and kratom varieties.

Of these various kratom strains and varieties, Maeng Da Kratom, Green Maeng Da Kratom, Red Maeng Da Kratom, and Yellow Maeng Da Kratom have become popular with seasoned kratom users.

Maeng Da Kratom Strains

From the Green Maeng Da Kratom to the more intense Red Vein Kratom, each strain delivers unique results and effects. As these different kratom products gain popularity, kratom capsules, kratom extracts, and even Organic kratom have all begun to compete with traditional herbal medicine products.

But what is this natural herb? And what is Maeng Da, exactly?

Hailing from Thailand, the term “Maeng Da,” when translated into English, refers to a “giant water bug” (you probably didn’t expect that, did you). Apparently, these bugs are a common snack in Thai cuisine. Hey, don’t judge. Each to their own!

In the context of kratom, “Maeng Da” has a less literal interpretation, meaning “pimp grade” or “the best grade.” We can only speculate why the Thais have linked a giant water bug with “pimp grade,” however. Your guess is as good as ours!

Why Do People Like Maeng Da Kratom?

Our customers don’t just “like it”, they positively love it. Maeng Da Kratom has easily become one of the most popular strains in recent years for various reasons, including:

  • Increased energy. When taken in lower doses, Maeng Da is said to offer an energetic, stimulating effect, providing a prolonged energy boost that lasts for hours.
  • Mental clarity. This strain is frequently complimented for improving concentration.
  • Mood-enhancing properties. Taken responsibly, Maeng Da is known for its uplifting properties – some people even report an initial feeling of euphoria.
  • Anxiety and stress. Many users also state that Maeng Da helps alleviate anxiety (although there is no medical evidence supporting this.)
  • Discomfort relief. Maeng Da is often taken as an alternative to narcotic-based medication, such as opioids, for example.
  • Opiate withdrawal. The pure alkaloids in Maeng Da have a very similar effect on the brain’s neurotransmitters as opioids. As a result, it is sometimes taken to alleviate the suffering caused by opioid withdrawal (although, again, the evidence for this is purely anecdotal.)

Be aware of one thing, however: the fact is that all kratom products offer these benefits on some level, but Maeng Da Kratom is simply more potent in comparison to others. 

Maeng Da vs. Other Kratom Varieties

Within the kratom industry, common terms like “strain” and “variety” are often mentioned in tandem with products such as extract and powdered kratom. Though mostly used interchangeably, there are actually subtle differences.


As noted, “strains” relate to the various types of kratom based on their region of cultivation, where natural elements like climate, soil, and environment influence the subtle characteristics of each kratom strain. Thai, Malay, and Borneo, for example, are all kratom strains named after their respective native regions.


Varieties, on the other hand, tend to account for vein color (like the popular Green Maeng Da Kratom). Processing techniques sometimes play a part in the earning of unique names, such as techniques that are used to produce kratom extract.


In all honesty, the terminology can be a little confusing, with both “vein” and “strain” quite often meaning the same thing. For example, White Strain Maeng Da Kratom is technically its own strain, although it branches into different varieties like Red Maeng Da Kratom or Green Maeng Da Kratom.

The incredible boom of the kratom industry has seen a rise in kratom vendors, each offering a wide range of kratom options and different descriptions of the same products.

At Kratom Exchange, we prefer to keep things crystal clear and simple. All of our products state the color of the being, along with the variety, which usually includes the region it was farmed.

We have comprehensive guides to the different strains and varieties, so if you would like a quick explanation of them all, head on over and take a look.

Maeng Da Kratom Potency

Either way, Maeng Da Kratom powder (or capsules), in comparison to other varieties, is essentially just a more potent product. Green Maeng Da Kratom, for example, is no different from regular “Green Kratom” for the most part.

What sets it apart is that Maeng Da has that extra kick, owing to the Maeng Da Kratom’s alkaloids, which happen to be richer than ‘regular’ kratom.

But which type of Maeng Da is the best option for you personally? With different strains available – including red, yellow, green, and white – which one should you select?

Maeng Da Strains

Let’s take a look at different Maeng Da strains available, along with the subtle varying features of each one. 

Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da Kratom powder is easily the most popular variety of Maeng da. Known for its evenly balanced profile, Green Maeng Da seems to find that perfect sweet spot of energizing and relaxing without leaning too heavily in any one direction. 

Imagine the energizing attributes of white kratom and the calming properties of red – that’s your typical Green Vein Kratom Powder experience. You might describe it as an “all-rounder,” suitable for those who prefer a well-rounded kratom experience.

Red Maeng Da

The variety of Red Maeng Da is a favorite for people who seek relaxation. Red Maeng Da has a well-earned reputation for its calming, almost sedative effects and is often suggested by most enthusiasts for evening use. 

With its soothing effects, combined with subtle energy boosts, Red Maeng Da has become the go-to for jumping on the sofa, kicking back, and simply relaxing. 

White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da Kratom powder is known for its stimulating attributes – the energy drink of the kratom world, if you will. Often compared to an incredibly strong cup of coffee, White Vein Kratom is best suited for anyone requiring a burst of energy and sharp mental focus. 

Morning users, especially, find this variety a good choice and an excellent way to get a nice jump-start on their day. Take too much, however, and the effects can be more similar to red veins, with more sedative effects. Take a look at our dosage guide if you need to know how much is too much.

Yellow Maeng Da

Yellow Maeng Da is a far less common variety – a fact that we find quite intriguing, as Yellow is actually quite a discerning choice that probably deserves to be more widely consumed. In a similar fashion to Green strains, Yellow Maeng Da does a terrific job of finding that sweet spot without veering too far in any one direction. 

It’s energizing but not too lively. Relaxing without being too sedentary. You get the idea – evenly balanced, in other words.

Its effects linger somewhere between green and white varieties, delivering a unique middle-of-the-road experience. Incidentally, while yellow is known as a “strain,” the yellow hue is a result of a specialized drying process rather than being color, which gives a richer aroma and a slightly different alkaloid profile than other strains.

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So, there you have it. A comprehensive guide to all things Maeng Da! 

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