Best Kratom Blends, And Why Should You Mix Them?

Kratom is a natural herb that comes in different varieties. The three primary strains are – Red, White, and Green depending upon the maturity of their leaves. You may consider buying Green Maeng da kratom, White Maeng da Kratom or Red Maeng Da kratom from the reputed online store. And if you are thinking of blending the different strains, you are at the right place. Keep reading to find out the best kratom blends and why you should mix them.

Reason to mix kratom strains – Kratom might show immense benefits to your well-being due to the presence of alkaloids in it. It has more than 25 alkaloids. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the chief ones. The potency of these alkaloids might have the ability to reduce soreness, take away stress, and helps with mood. 

Each kratom strain has a different alkaloid profile. That is why they reflect different effects. If you are an experienced user of this natural herb, you may try to enhance your experience by mixing different strains on the basis of your needs. Blending the kratom strains might give a unique experience plus might also potentiate the effects. Before going further, keep in mind that blending kratom strains is a process that requires trial and error. So, experiment a lot to know what works the best for you.

Is it Safe To Mix Them? 

You need to be careful and moderate while mixing the kratom strains. It is not advisable to use kratom blends without pause. Take the kratom blends separately from the standard kratom dose. Otherwise, it may result in some unwanted effects.

If you tend to use only one type of strain, you might have developed a tolerance for that particular variety. You may think of using kratom blends to break the cycle of tolerance from only one strain. You don’t have to increase your kratom dosage, just blend the different strains, and you will be good to go. In this way, controlling the dosage might help you in the long run.

Way To Mix Them 

There are multiple ways to mix the strains. Let’s take a look at some of them – 

You can consider mixing the strains of the same family but having different vein colors. For instance – mixing White Maeng da and Red Maeng da. 

Mixing different strains with different vein colors may also work well. For instance – White Maeng Da and Red Bali. However, keep in mind to get Bali kratom for sale from a reliable online store. Never think of compromising on the quality of this natural herb as using the blend or strain of poor quality may have opposite effects than desired.

Best Kratom Blends

The kratom strains you choose to blend depending on your needs and preferences. It is very important to know the effects you want to achieve with this natural herb. If your objective is to potentiate the effects of kratom, you might consider mixing the strains from different families having the same vein color. For instance – combine different strains of red kratom. It may give you relaxing and ache-relieving effects.

If you want to experience the effects of the multifaceted blend, mix the strains having different families and different colors. For instance – mixing Green Malay, Red Bali, and White Maeng da might produce stimulating and pain-relieving effects.

How to Safely Blend Them? 

Many customers consider mixing green vein kratom either with red or white strain. The reason behind it is that this blend might have a balancing and mild effects on your well-being.

If you consider mixing green vein and red vein powder, you may experience relaxation and pain relief. A blend of the green vein and white vein might work well in producing stimulating effects.

It is uncommon to mix white and red vein strains due to their high potency. But there are exceptions. Some customers who are looking for intense pain relief or a boost in energy levels might consider this mix. They may try combining two parts of red vein strain with 1 part of white vein kratom powder.

Top Kratom Blends According To The Effects 

Euphoria – If your goal is to experience the euphoric effects, you may consider blending three parts of Green Maeng Da and 1 part of Red Bali. This combination may work wonders for not only producing euphoric effects but may also providing a sense of relaxation.

Energy boost – Mixing one part of the Green Malay strain and two parts of White Maeng da kratom may help give you the energy boost you want. It may also enhance your mental focus. Another combination could be mixing two parts of Red Maeng Da with 1 part of White Maeng da. You may prefer mixing these blends in the morning.

In closing

Keep in mind that the same mix may have different effects on people. And don’t mix more than two strains if you are a beginner. See how your body reacts to the blend and make the changes as needed. Also, buy Kratom products from a reliable online store.

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