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9 Essential Tips On Kratom Dosage

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Kratom has become increasingly popular in the United States in recent years, but it’s actually been used for centuries in the Eastern part of the world.

With this increase in popularity comes an excess of online information about how to take and use kratom. There is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming and even confusing to new kratom users.

So we’re here to set the record straight. No matter what your reason is for using kratom, it’s of the utmost importance to understand how kratom dosage works. Here are some essential tips on how to use kratom so it will be effective for you.

9 Tips on Kratom Dosage

If you want to take the perfect amount of kratom for your needs, it’s important to understand how kratom dosage works. Here are some tips to consider before starting to use kratom.

1. Start Small

No matter which strain you choose to start with, you need to start with a small dose. If this is your first time trying kratom, you have no idea how sensitive you are to it and it’s better to take too little than too much.

Start with a dose no higher than 1 gram. If you are typically very sensitive to things, try a dose of 0.5 grams at first. This will allow your body to be introduced to kratom without being overwhelmed.

Because you are new to kratom, your tolerance will be low and so you won’t need as much as an experienced user. If this low dose does not work for you, you can slowly work your way to a higher dose that works.

2. Understand How Tolerance Works

Kratom tolerance is very real, and something every user should be aware of. When you first start taking kratom, you’ll only need a small amount to feel the effects.

Over time, you will develop a tolerance. If you use kratom often, your tolerance will rise much faster than an occasional user. So if you notice that your dose is no longer working for you it means you’re developing a tolerance.

You can either choose to increase your dose to feel the desired effects, or you can take a break from kratom and allow your tolerance to reboot. After a few days, you can take your small dose again and feel the effects again.

3. Use Different Strains

If you are a regular user, you should try using different strains to keep your tolerance at bay. If you dose with the same strain every single day, you’ll quickly build a tolerance to that strain.

If you use different strains, your tolerance can remain relatively low for each strain.

It’s important to remember that every strain is different. Some strains may be much stronger or weaker than others. When trying a new strain, take a low dose and work your way up to a dose that feels right for you.

Different strains will give you different effects. By trying new strains and different doses, you can find what works for you the best.

4. Take Kratom on an Empty Stomach

When taking your dose of kratom, it’s helpful to have an empty stomach. This allows the kratom to take full effect much faster than if you’ve just eaten a big meal.

If taking kratom on an empty stomach makes you feel a bit sick, you can take it with something small like a banana or crackers. This will make it easier on your digestive system and prevent any nausea or sickness.

5. Wait 45 Minutes Before Deciding to Take More

If you dose with kratom and don’t feel the effects, you may want to take more. But make sure you always wait at least 45 minutes before deciding to re-dose.

If after 45 minutes you still feel nothing, you can take one or two more grams of kratom. If you still don’t feel any effects after re-dosing, you may need to try a different strain.

6. Stay Hydrated

Kratom is similar to coffee because it can make you very dehydrated if you don’t drink water. If you are dehydrated after taking kratom, you may start to feel ill or “heady”. It will feel as though you’ve taken too much.

To avoid these feelings, make sure you drink plenty of water before and after dosing with kratom. You will feel the desired effects much more and won’t get any headaches or nausea.

7. Keep a Log

If you’re trying a bunch of different strains, it’s helpful to keep a log of all your doses. Every time you take a dose, record it next to the name of the strain along with how it made you feel.

This allows you to keep track of how much of each strain you are taking. You can track how each strain makes you feel at different doses, and also track how your tolerance changes over time.

8. Consider Different Ways of Taking Kratom

If you are regularly dosing with kratom, it’s important to find the best way for you to take it. Kratom tastes terrible, which you will learn right away. Many people need to cover up the taste as much as possible.

If the taste doesn’t bother you too much, you can simply “toss and wash”, meaning you take your dose of kratom and throw it back with water. If the thought of that makes you want to vomit, you’ll have to get more creative.

You can make your own kratom capsules and take them that way, although you will likely be taking 10+ capsules to get your required dose. You can also mix kratom with a smoothie or yogurt and honey to cover up the taste.

9. Take Days Off

It’s important to always take days off of kratom every week to reduce your tolerance and give your body and mind a break.

Make a kratom schedule that works best for you. For example, you can take kratom every other day, or take it two days and then have one day off, or only take it on weekdays.

For More Information

Although kratom has become extremely popular in the United States, there’s still a ton of misinformation out there about how to take kratom. If you’re looking to buy kratom from reputable brand online, make sure it’s from a reputable kratom vendor. If you don’t know much about kratom or you’re new to kratom, take the time to read our blog, educate yourself.

It’s important for new kratom users to start out slow and work there way up to an effective dose. Always be aware of tolerance build up and remember to stay hydrated and take days off.

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